No, Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Campaign is Not Too Short

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare delivers a campaign similar in length to in previous years, but this time around things are different.

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PhoenixUp10d ago

It’s adequate in length

REDGUM10d ago

And it's damn good PhoenicUp.
Some genuinely moving parts in this campaign, yet to finish it. The 2 years earlier part as the 2 kids was a little shocking actually, in a good way.
Don't think ive seen anything quite like that opening 5 mins of that chapter before.

Defiantly enjoying it.

sbg2128310d ago

@Redgum I totally agree. Best COD campaign in quite some time

Lilrizky10d ago

I beat it in a single sitting and i loved it. I actually beat COD 4 a few times in a single sitting as well. It's actually roughly the same length.

For me less is more. I remember the moments in COD 4 and MW2019 over the other recent campaigns.

HRoach61610d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Well it’s not long either. 5-6 hrs is a pretty short campaign. It was a good campaign though.

Traecy10d ago

It took me 7 to 8 hrs which was fine with me.

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