Modern Warfare Overhaul Was "Fake" According to Dev, Says He's Gotten Death Threats From Community

The long awaited Modern Warfare overhaul was a "fake statement" says Infinity Ward; dev says he's gotten messages saying his kids shoul die "horrible deaths" from the community.

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Community7d ago
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Jin_Sakai8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Who originally said it was getting an overhaul? People need to quit this lying BS to get attention. I understand that people are pissed but death threats are always a step too far!

Leeroyw7d ago

Agreed. The term "death threats" gets rolled out far too often. Like this guy is really in fear or witness protection or a ballistic vest.

TheSaint7d ago

If it gets rolled out too often surely that means it's a real issue. Maybe you should stop gatekeeping and be part of the solution instead.

excaliburps7d ago

Agreed. Death threats are another thing and despicable that do it for a game.

silenthillstrangler7d ago

Sooo death threats for anything else is fine?

Kurt Russell6d ago

He never said that, don't be a prick.

Parasyte6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

The original reports of an "overhaul" that I saw, were being reported by some outlets with "Sources close to the studio". So take that for what it's worth.

kernel7d ago

People just aren’t prepared for social media, I keep seeing people who just aren’t ready for it.

Tross7d ago

To be fair, it is a cancer I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. People wonder why I mostly stay off of it, and I tell them it's because I like peace and quiet.

fatbastard117d ago

People are losing individuality since their all glued to their screens and looking at the same shit all day. They can't think for themselves. Einstein predicted this.
Also, social awkwardness is at an all-time high. lol


Yup. Throw in the protection of anonymity of the internet and people develop all kinds of balls.

They don’t have to worry about getting hit in the e mouth for some of the garbage that they spew and a quick 5 minute venture on Facebook shows that.

BenRC017d ago

No wonder social anxiety is at an all time high

maximumspidey6d ago

Words on the internet hurting your feelings?

Tross6d ago

@maximumspidey More like my life is my business. I'll join various online communities to talk about my hobbies (where I'll be known as Tross, AlbaTross or variations on either), but Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are things I don't need in my life. I do have a Facebook account that I usually only use to let friends know if I'm coming to a soiree they invited me to. Otherwise, if people want to talk to me, they can do so through text or by phone, or by actually getting together with me.

I've also chosen not to live my life in such a way where I'm self-conscious about what people I haven't seen in over a decade think about what I posted on Facebook. Not only do they probably have better things to do than think about what I posted since they haven't seen me in over a decade either, but it's just not rational. That and I never was one to keep a diary, let alone post much of anything about myself on the internet, because my thoughts are my thoughts and I don't need other people to read them and "like" them. I don't need that validation or to base my self-worth on something so meaningless.

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DJStotty7d ago

I utilise the block button these days, stop the trolls in their tracks

Rachel_Alucard7d ago

Death threats are easy to write and send. I hate when everyone gets blanketed together as if the people who send death threats are part of the CoD community. On reddit, shitty posts get deleted or downvoted out. You can't stop some idiot from sending a stupid message to a dev who has open DMs then blame everyone for it. Death threats in gaming were going on back in the early 90s with Nintendo Power. The only difference is that those messages were sent by mail so only the dev saw them and tossed them.

spicelicka7d ago

Yea and they're often used to gain sympathy and defer attention away from the real issue.

TheColbertinator7d ago

As silly as they may seem, the recent arson attack of a studio in Japan reminds us that these threats aren't to be taken lightly.

Nitrowolf27d ago

yeah, there's a lot of people who take things way to serious. it's so dumb, at the end of the day just move on if you dont like the gane

Rachel_Alucard7d ago

That event was tragic but it was an isolated instance and that one arsonist had been sending death threats for months prior. Death threats are almost always a one off thing in response to some event. But if they see someone repeatedly doing it, then I would get the police involved in that scenario.

seanpitt237d ago

Gone back to BO4 and I must admit as much as I hate BO4 it’s more fun than MW

lnfiniteLoop7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

scamming people out of hard earnt cash is the new way video games are made and sold these days... quality testing before release has really gone out of the window as well... no wonder people get pissed off... maybe death threats (bit extreme) are being used because devs just dont care or just dont listen... less of a lets chuck it out attitude might help with game releases...

Edgelordsupreme7d ago

There have always been trash video games that seemingly just got chucked out with little thought to quality, I know you don't remember the 90's and early 00's but I do and the trash was piled high. This idea that games are somehow of a lesser quality now than they were in earlier generations HAS GOT TO STOP.


lnfiniteLoop7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

you must have found all the crap then, because I dont remember any game that I couldnt play because it needed an update to get it to work as intended because it was riddled with bugs... (Atari 2600, ZX Sectrum, Amstrad CPC, Master System, NES, Mega drive, SNES, PS1, PS2, PSP)

Steppenwolfmother6d ago

@infiniteloop there were plenty of games that had game breaking bugs in the days before console updates. And lots of games that had harmless bugs, but bugs none the less.

Despite that games are not as simple as they were 10-20 years ago. As graphics and size and tech improve games take longer need more people and cost more money. The more we expect our games to do and the more complicated they get the more opportunities for bugs to happen. Most of the time it’s not a big deal. So stop justifying shitty behaviour from people against the people just trying to make a piece of entertainment for us. “Maybe death threats is a bit extreme”??? Maybe? What a joke

Rude-ro6d ago

There would be a small handful of examples vs the state we get games every year now.

The introduction of “patches” have led to get the money now, fix later attitudes for the top developers.

lnfiniteLoop6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

@Steppenwolfmother care to mention a few of those games for yesteryear that had Game Breaking bugs... and while your at it name one that was released on a yearly basis that had the same errors or problems every time...

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DJStotty7d ago

remember the days when you banged a cartridge into the console, and the game worked without bugs.

I miss those days

Steppenwolfmother6d ago

I don’t know how great your memory is then because there were plenty of games from cartridge days that were buggy as hell. Some had game breaking bugs. Also worth keeping in mind that games back then were much simpler to make. Goldeneye on 64 was made by a dozen dudes in like a year. As consumers we demand and expect much higher quality which take hundreds sometimes thousands of people to make.

DJStotty6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

All i can speak of is personal experience, i didnt have 1 game that had issues like game breaking bugs on either game gear, mega drive, SNES, commodore 64, game boy even my first console the atari 2600.

All games i purchased all worked as intended

The difference is nowadays, we have the technology of updates. In the cartridge days, the game had to be bug free as there was no way to correct the code on modern cartridge consoles.

Edgelordsupreme6d ago

Just because you didn't encounter the bugs doesn't mean they didn't exist. There was often a difference between early runs of cartridges and later runs without the consumers knowledge, you're also comparing games that were made by handfuls of people to games an order of magnitude more complex it's just not a reasonable comparison.

DJStotty6d ago (Edited 6d ago )


That is why i said "personal experience"

I did not make any comparison in "game quality" other than the fact that publishers know they can push games out early/unfinished, and then finish them over the course of their lifetime.

This could not be completed in the same way in the cartridge times.

Staff levelling is irrelevant, people used to be programmers/level designers etc etc, to make the games, these days all these tasks are seperated between multiple departments, sound/lighting/design/programm ing hence why staff numbers are more, and then all pieced together. (for reference, Bioware outsourcing animations to a seperate company in mass effect)

Games are still made to this day with 5-10 people, that do all the work themselves, on a limited budget and sometimes these games are enjoyable games. Don't be Activision/EA and state "but, but costs of game development are a lot more now" to justify pumping out crap and lootboxing their game.

Take Moon studios (Ori and the blind forest)

A 2-man studio turned into a 4 year development that increased their numbers to 20 to work on the game. And the game design and the game itself are of a high quality

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Edgelordsupreme6d ago

Listen dude, just take the L and move on. My whole point is that back in the day looking at a shelf of games at the store, more than half of it was shovelware crap that wasn't worth playing with quality issues that go beyond JUST bugs. There are even cases of very rare hard to replicate bugs being allowed to go through in early runs of games if they would be fixed in the future. There are plenty of cases of later runs of games having fixes that aren't present on earlier runs of games, games being "patched" is nothing new.


Don't try to rationalize sending death threats and threats of violence against children.

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