Amazon Price Matches Best Buy Cyber Monday Deals

Daily Video Game writes: "The online retailer Amazon is price matching several video game deals from Best Buy Cyber Monday deals right now! This price matching sale are for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and you could save up to 80% off on several games for these gaming platforms at Amazon for a limited time."

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Gordoncordon257d ago

amazon is the devil, use ebay instead

mikeslemonade257d ago

If Best Buy price matched with amazon then that would be good.

indysurfn257d ago

@mikeslemonade, Bestbuy still offers price matching as a regular thing. Amazon stopped price matching a while ago. This amazon statement says it, when you click on price matching,
Instead of getting a price match I will just buy from best buy! That way I dont have to jump back and forth.

Why is Amazon only doing it for just this sale? It is a hassle you have to go through, just to buy from them.

BadElf256d ago

Rain, snow, sleet , hail Satan

indysurfn255d ago

I'm not against Amazon, I sounded kinda against them. I buy from them most of the time.
I'm just saying since they stopped the price matching (this one being the exception, which is why they had to announce it). I will just get games from best buy that are on sale there. Prime gives me free movies, the fastest returns (I can get my money back in 60 seconds), Free games, etc.

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Ripsta7th257d ago

what does that make best buy?

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EricLane257d ago

Off topic but anyone keeping an eye out for Little Devil Inside? Looks like an enjoyable game. Hoping it releases soon.

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hiawa23256d ago

Damnit, now you tell me. Just ordered a 4TB 2.5" Samsung Evo 860 SSD for the PS4 Pro from Amazon at the lowest price I have ever seen.

bluefox755256d ago

They are, but I can't live without them. But hey, at least Google is worse.

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KaiPow256d ago

Didn't think I'd buy any more games this week but Crash Team Racing was like $12...

rebeljoe14256d ago

Amazon is gonna end up ruling the world in the future and all those movies when you have a dystopian future with and evil corporation ruling everything is gonna come true but with Amazon

bluefox755256d ago

Amazon wants to take over the world, lol.