What Happened To PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

What happened to Sony’s ambitious fighting game?

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-Foxtrot360d ago

It's one of those games that had it all going for it but the awful character selections (most picked to promote upcoming games) and that stupid "can only knock players off the stage by a level 3 super" where you saw the animation over and over brought it down.

Like seriously people were comparing it to Smash Bros anyway so I don't know why they just didn't have a percentage bar and let us knock them off the stage without supers.

FunAndGun360d ago

It wasn't about knocking them off the stage, it was about hitting them with any level super.

-Foxtrot360d ago

Still that shit got boring fast

The same animation over and over and over and over

Nerdmaster360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

I'd prefer they just had a normal HP system.

-Foxtrot360d ago

Even that would have been better

isarai360d ago

Roster was lacking, and win condition was weird and not really satisfying

thatguyhayat360d ago

I remember when Dart was pulled from the game and caused a bit of a backlash

Gordoncordon360d ago

it wasn't pulled from the original roster, it was supposed to be on the next DLC pack, alongside abe and a gravity rush/journey stage, after the isaac/zeus one, but santa monica stopped the support.

Veneno360d ago

I loved this game. It would have survived the controversies because it had a modest but hardcore following. If they had just dedicated their resources to that audience they would have been more successful. The game was fun but the characters were way too unbalanced. Kratos and Drake and Sackboy were horribly overpowered and they didn't do enough to fix that.

capjacksparrow360d ago

Honestly, just clone Smash Bros and use PS characters and you’re good. I loved the gameplay and had fun, but more options would have been nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.