Star Citizen Trailer Is All About the Origin's Wealthy Lifestyle as Crowdfunding Passes $250 Million

Today Cloud Imperium Games opened the sixth day of the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2049 in Star Citizen, moving on to Origin Jumpworks' purebreds.

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MeteorPanda10d ago

Star citizen is going to compete with space x and be the first to Mars with enough crowdfunding goals

Jin_Sakai10d ago

Over a quarter of a billion in funding and fixing to pass the most expensive video game ever created “GTAV“ in development cost.

These guys have to be the finest con artists that ever existed.

KeenBean34510d ago

I swear there was an article yesterday where it reached $47 million, how is it getting so much funding so quickly??

LiViNgLeGaCY10d ago

I think it was $247 million.

KeenBean34510d ago

My bad, that'd what I meant, 3 million is crazy in a day nonetheless

thatguyhayat10d ago

Telling funders that if you fund the game, you get half life 3 with it

ibrake4naps10d ago

Hopefully with the extra funding it'll be ready to ship when ps6 drops.

web101710d ago

I think they are planning to have a full release in the year 2949, to better match the people's comfort.

Jin_Sakai10d ago

It’s too bad all of us will be dead before the game releases. At least our grandkids might have a chance of playing the finished game.

gniosdb10d ago

People don’t seem to see it but this is a cult. Like those that offer immediate gratification by creating false promises to those who really want something like success, wealth or salvation. This offer a game that a lot of gamers NEED and CRAVE, but it will never be finished, it keeps just feeding. In the meantime, they still make money.

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