Half-Life: Alyx Marks VR’s First Big Breakout Moment—But VR Will Never Be Mainstream

VR isn’t THE future of gaming—but it definitely is A future.

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Apocalypse Shadow11d ago

A rebuttal. No one knows the future. Even when hands on to make it happen.

No one said VR was to REPLACE regular gaming. Not one company that has produced VR has said it. Only that it should have a place *IN* gaming. If it's not replacing, why be against it? For those that never tried it or the best of VR, how can you judge it? Should regular games be judged on the worst games? Does one wire bother you? It didn't with controllers for decades. Or the console cords. Why now until wireless is possible for all headsets?

Replace VR with consoles and go back 40+ years. Those same naysayers thought playing videogames would never catch on. Where are we now? Games are not just on TV. It's almost everywhere a screen is from your watch, cell phone, PC, consoles, Roku boxes, portables, TVs, web browsers, etc. Everywhere tech is.

Do VR games have to rewrite the book on what a game is? Does VR have to come up with new genres to be considered viable? Do the visuals have to look different than regular games or be 4K to amaze? Do they all have to be 100 hour games? Are appropriately priced, shorter games not fun too?

Why are CORE gamers waiting for the mainstream to jump into full game immersion? Did you wait for them before buying the current consoles? What has happened to the core? Why would they matter? I thought core gamers made $#!+ happen than wait for casuals to make things happen. I must be too old school and not of today's group of gamers. Some of you changed. I don't need mainstream to tell me what to buy.

But unlike 3D TVs, motion controls, Wii tablets, etc. VR has entered colleges and classrooms, real estate sales, automotive, medicine, dental, construction, police training, military training, job training, Drivers Ed training, movies, music, art galleries, sports, vacation spot sales and room booking.....Do I need to keep going about where VR has entered besides gaming? VR is no longer the supposed "gimmick" some give it.

Lastly, there are million selling VR games. Some regular games don't sell that. Sony made over a billion in sales from VR and game attachment rates are 7+ per unit without a big named franchise. The headset was sold at profit. Not loss. PSVR did not launch day and date with PS4. It launched 3 years later when PS4 was already around 40-50 million. How could PSVR catch a hotcakes selling console at a higher price than the console? And, you must try it to know what it is? Think before you type. VR is growing. But things take time. Just like consoles got. VR was growing before the announcement of HL Alyx. With, Alyx, it will just grow some more.

_SilverHawk_11d ago

Vr is the future. I feel like vr will be very popular in five years but it just needs a bit of time to mature. Vr is the best medium for game immersion and even though there are a lot of naysayers there will be a lot of people that wont be able to go back to playing games on flat screen television after experiencing proper vr. I've played a lot of vr games and realize that it is amazing when done right

Apocalypse Shadow11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Correct. We just don't know if it will be the majority of what gamers play in the future or AR or both. When gamers suggest gamers will still be playing in front of a TV 20 years from now, I look at that and think are these gamers serious. No one knows.

There's a guy we won't name that said VR doesn't make money. But Sony has made a lot of money since launch
But you can't tell the naysayers anything. Or that it's not even counting software sales or 3rd party royalties.

You can't tell them that Valve obviously is making money on Steam software sales for VR, hardware sales sold to Enterprise and consumers. And, HW/SW and tech support for Enterprise. But supposedly, VR doesn't make money in the game industry or at all.

You can't tell them that games like Beat Saber, Job Simulator or Super Hot sold over a million or two million copies. They won't listen to that either. This guy says that there's no money in VR. But there is.

You can't tell them VR is being used all over the place and is growing. All they have to do is Google search VR and any of the examples I listed above. They won't do that and rather stay ignorant on the topic of VR.

See. Look. I can post this as an example of VR helping sell homes

That's less fuel if you and the realtor sit in an office going over potential properties before even going to the real one. Less smog from less traveling. Less time wasted going to each house to decide if that's the one.

You can post examples in how it's being used in medicine
They won't listen to that either. Or kids learning about history or foreign places. Architects and investors seeing their buildings before it's even built to make changes. When it's so easy to see VR is not going anywhere but up. It will take time.

Not only is there money to be made. But the very way we do some things from shopping, entertainment, etc in the future. It's already happening. But they try to compare VR to 3D TVs.

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BlackIceJoe11d ago

I just have to comment on your phenomenal post and I just wish I could give you more than just one like, because your post truly deserves it. Well done, my friend, well done.

CannOfPoo10d ago

There's a place for VR in gaming and traditional gaming will never EVER go away, regardless of what the scaremongers the price point for VR currently is way out of reach for most casual gamers to become fully's like buying a second console (Ain't a major PC gamer, but still a high price point on that platform, and that's if your PC doesn't need upgrading to fully enjoy it). They need to get headsets into the hands of gamers, not sure how they can accomplish this without losing shite loads of money on each sale, but something needs to be done to lower the entry barrier.

ThinkThink10d ago

There isn't any reason to be against VR per say. People just need to adjust their approach and stop telling people that it's the future. So are the self driving cars that exist today. But similar to VR, self driving cars are just not ready for mainstream yet. In 10 years, VR units will be fully untethered, a minimum of 4k display, lag free and a fraction of the weight and size. One day, all of that and more will be sold for $199. Once that happens, VR will begin to really take off. Until then, lets just let the technology mature until it's ready. If you try to rush it, it will take longer to catch on.

Apocalypse Shadow10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I think the problem is the current mentality of immediate gratification. People want it to be perfect today for the cheapest of prices. They can't see that it's going to take time for it to mature. And this group mentality of social media and mainstream nonsense. If I had waited for mainstream, I wouldn't even be playing videogames.

That didn't stop me from enjoying Atari, flip phones, black and white TVs, VHS players, etc before those things matured to what they are today. Won't stop me from enjoying VR today until it gets there.

HL Alyx is just another notch on VR's belt to get there.

W34KN35S9d ago

yep I agree , I think most people want VR to succeed but the narrative that its the greatest ever at its current stage is misguided and is getting tiring. All they need to do is continue to improve and work on it and when it reaches SAO levels along with a low price point then they can release the articles and videos saying that vr is the best thing ever, but all of that will take time.

Until then it is only going to be for minority. just let if mature is all I'm saying.

fr0sty10d ago

This is BS. VR has had many such "big breakout moments". There are many amazing AAA VR experiences out there, like Doom VFR, Astrobot, Resident Evil, No Man's Sky, Wipeout, etc.

It may be the highest profile title to come to VR, but we can't act like everything else out there are just simple mini-games and not full-fledged AAA experiences.

Apocalypse Shadow10d ago

Best believe. Right on the money Frosty.

ThinkThink10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I'm waiting for it to be viable for me to invest in it. It would have to achieve the following:
1. Be teatherless with the ability to see my surroundings without having to remove.
2. Be half the size and weight.
3. Contain a built in audio solution
4. Solve the couch co-op issue
5. Be under $250
6. 4k. No lag

That's what I'm waiting for

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SickSinceSix11d ago

Did a game dev tell you that, GamingBolt?

Jin_Sakai11d ago

Phil Spencer shot down VR on Scarlett so of course gamingbolt had to say VR will never be mainstream.

darthv7210d ago

He didnt "shoot down" vr. He said its not a primary focus right now. It can come to console later but on PC it is supported.

Apocalypse Shadow10d ago

Is it a secondary focus? Third or fourth focus? Where is it on their timeline?

On PC, it's supported by companies that made it their focus. They are making games and purchasing developers and exclusives to get there.

What headset have they made? All 7 are made by PC manufactures. Not one game was made by them to support those headsets. That's not support. That's letting others do the work.

Petebloodyonion10d ago

Not focusing VR on Scarlet doesn't mean hating Vr.
Let's do the reverse and see how illogical it is.
Where's Sony pc OS? does that mean that Sony hates PC gaming, have they made a mouse and Keyboard yet?
How come Playstation doesn't support AR mobile game as my smartphone do? Does it mean that Sony hates mobile gaming?
MS must hate TV because I have yet to see one with the MS brand,

Now do you want a scoop or perhaps 2
You will probably never see a Vr Headset made for Xbox Scarlet
and Bold prediction YOU WILL NEVER SEE A PSVR2 ON PS5


Because tks to Occulus Quest, a good standalone VR console that doesn't require a PC and wires exist.
So do you expect Sony to release another add on that requires the PS5 to play VR games or simply a stand-alone device that could replace VITA?
And if MS would jump into the VR Arena I would expect them to go the same route.

ThinkThink10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


I would think it would be much lower priority than 4 or 5. I would think closer to the bottom. But that's just for Xbox consoles. It's different for Windows pc's.

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Petebloodyonion11d ago

And why can't Vr become Mainstream?
Remember the old Gameboy when it came out?
It was expensive, black and white with no light, the screen was small and easy to damage, etc.
Yet portable gaming is now quite mainstream just like PC and console gaming.

As for the other reasons mentioned
VR is becoming easier and easier to get into. Just get an Oculus Quest and you are ready to go play Beat Saber.
No need for wire, PC or console just the helmet.

The family wants to sit in front of the tv to play together... Really? I can almost count on my fingers the games that are now released with couch Coop features.
And how many ppl in the family have a personnal smartphone?

In the end, VR won't replace traditional gaming but becoming its own thing? for me, it's a yes for sure.

ThinkThink10d ago

VR will begin to pick up again once the technology has matured. Fully untethered, a fraction of the size and weight, 4k screens, no lag, $199. That's the sweet spot for the mainstream audience.

HWG10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

The original Game Boy, launched in 1989 for a mere $89.99, would only cost $169.73 today (at a 88.6 percent inflation rate).

Just thought I'd let you know.

Also the original gameboy was known for its resiliency and ruggedness. It survived a bomb, and still turned on and was playable afterwards.

The gameboy, is in no way, analogous to VR. In fact the whole purpose of the gameboy was to set the cost low enough so that anyone could enter into the mobile gaming space. Meanwhile Atari and Sega pushed their Lynx and Game Gear - with full color and backlit displays, high costs, small game library, and pretty horrible battery life and failed spectacularly.

Petebloodyonion10d ago

Serve me to not properly check sources and rely on memory.
I was sure that the price was more expensive than that at launch, but I'll be honest, to a young teen back then 90$ was a lot of money :).

As for reliability, It's true that the casing and the Gameboy itself was solid but I was talking more about how the screen was a victim of dead pixels (line).

In the end, my point was that portable gaming didn't replace gaming console in the living room but became a thing on its own (just think mobile gaming).

Septic11d ago

One day VR will be the future

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sampsonon11d ago

"lifts his psvr goggles up to look at the headline, smiles and pulls the goggles over his eye again."
Firewall Zero Hour :)

generic-user-name10d ago

This. If you don't know what Firewall Zero Hour is, you're already missing VR's breakout moment. I'd include RE7 in VR too, amazing gaming moment I won't ever forget.

sampsonon10d ago

the bot playroom game is amazing for people that have never tried a platform game in vr.
standing up, make sure you hold something, and looking at hidden areas and cons is fun.

Firewall Zero Hour is just on another level. i can't wait to see what the devs do for the ps5.

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