R2 Known Issues & Misconceptions

One of the Resistance 2 developer's has made a post on myres about issues in Resistance 2

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Cajun Chicken3628d ago

Oh, the PS3 game I wanted patched especially for campaign co-op before buying and Its not going to ever be done. Great.

mesh13628d ago

damn i have 1 major issue i hope it can bw fixed it is this game is garabge i played it for 1 day and returned it not my cup of tea

kopicha3628d ago

well i guess you havent played R2 yet i suppose. honestly the campaign mode really doesnt suit to be able to co op. if you tried it before you will understand why. it would be a much better experience when playing thru alone. since there is a real co op mode in the game i dont see why are u craving that much for co op campaign. the co op mode in r2 is so damn epic and well made. more over this game really worth every penny out of it with the amount of time you can clock out of it. almost every time you start a co op even on the same map u actually going thru different thing. you should give yourself a rethought about it. nonetheless it doesnt bother me if this lost your interest since i am enjoying it and i know what you are missing out.

kopicha3628d ago

that's because you are an xbox fanboy and you would bash anything that is great on ps3. so you can stfu and go play your GEOW2.

Gandhi693628d ago

I'm glad they are working on fixing the split screen multi, as it is the only 'bug' I have experienced.

Also, I wish they would allow player 2's stats to be saved in split screen co op. I wonder why they don't.

The Matrix3627d ago

Last week I had finished a co-op game and went to the xmb to send a message to someone. It froze. I left it but soon had no choice but to exit the game. It corrupted my data...all 9 hours of my campaign, about 10 games of multiplayer and about 8 games of co-op. Be VERY careful when quitting Resistance 2 so you don't end up replaying like me (though replaying isn't a bad thing ;))

SaiyanFury3627d ago

No split screen single campaign mode. I was a bit disappointed in this as I had a great deal of fun playing through the original with my brother in law and Insomniac had done it so well. But the great online coop offsets that well enough. Just something I noted.

SonyOwnsNextYear3627d ago

"CAJUN CHICKEN" sounds like "LIGHTNING ps3ps3ps3ps3"

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iHEARTboobs3628d ago

"User's can't use another person's save game file. This is not a bug, this intentional."

ha ha cheaters!

SonyOwnsNextYear3627d ago

lol, im trying to beat it n superhuman....hopefully i get a plat trophy.

Radiodread3628d ago

the game is stellar anyway.

trancefreak3628d ago

ya i agree i played sp non stop but i paused to sleep lol

chasuk083628d ago

Sounds like an intentional flame bait to me going by the number of bubbles you got.

Imallvol73628d ago

i haven't picked it up yet.

i am so confused on what to buy next

And I havent even had enough time with LIttle Big Planet or Socom yet!??! I just finished GeOW2!

There aren't enough hours in the day!

RememberThe3573628d ago

Just give me auto balance after each round damn it!

DarkArcani3627d ago

I don't know how many games I quit due to this. I hate playing matches where it is 12 on 2. This is my hugest complaint. That and it (for me at least) seems a lot harder to kill someone than compared to the 1st R:FoM.

Oh and I hate dieing by people who aren't aiming at me.

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