CDKeys Black Friday Digital Sale For PS4, XB1, Switch & PC: Up To 90% Off

Daily Video Game writes: "CDKeys is featuring various digital titles on sale with huge discounts for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC gamers right now! The savings vary depending on what game you want to purchase, but you could save up to 90% off of them, and that's pretty awesome."

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Orionsangel257d ago

Got Doom for $3.89 at cdkeys. Can't beat that

SkatterBrain257d ago

can i trust them with my debit card?

franwex257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Use a credit card if you are kinda leary. Not a debit card.
I have bought stuff from them and had no problems, so I guess it’s okay.

Thunder_G0d_Bane256d ago

cd keys is safe, been using them for years now. its the only place i get PC games firstly. an i buy some console games form there.

Orionsangel256d ago

Yeah they're safe. I've bought games from them for years. I use Paypal.

esemce256d ago

I've used them for years and paid by card or paypal, never had a problem.

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jlove4life256d ago

Are keys legit or will Sony unleash ban hammer

ElementX256d ago

I've heard they're bought with stolen credit card numbers. The person gets the transactions reversed because it was stolen, but the "seller" gets the game codes to sell on CDKeys and other grey market sites.

Migitdigit256d ago

Horizon zero dawn... tried playing it 3x have owned it 3x... finally finish for 11$?!

paulust2002256d ago

The issue with these sites is that 'some people' buy keys in sales with stolen credit cards, then you buy the game from them...Then the company get the chargeback so it actually costs the game company money. I'm not convinced this is a vast majority though as pretty sure if it was a fraud site it woud just be closed down. Only issue I've had with an invalid key was for splinter cell blacklist for 38p. Pretty sure that is penny fraud. i.e. most people won't bother disputing as it's not worth it.