Japanese censors demanded panty checks for female SSB characters during development

When Super Smash Bros. Creator, Masahiro Sakurai, showcased Smash Ultimate's latest guest fighter, Terry Bogard, he brought up the fact that one of Fatal Fury's most popular characters, Mai Shiranui, would not be making an appearance in the game at all and alluded to her sexual nature as the main reason.

It turns out that Sakurai and his team had a bit of a back and forth with CERO during the development of Super Smash Bros. for Wii-U circa 2012 as the rating organization actually asked the Smash team to turn female characters upside down for panty shot angles.

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gangsta_red659d ago

Well now it makes sense why some of the character clothes in smash Bros was changed

Abriael659d ago (Edited 659d ago )

Censors? CERO isn't a censorship organization. It's a rating board and it's no more censors than the ESRB.

They don't ask you to censor your game. They give you a rating depending on its content, no more, no less. If you want a lower rating than what you're given, that's on you.

Teflon02659d ago

Stop playing dumb lol.
You know Nintendo is aiming for a low board rating so they have to censor to get it based on what the board deems reason to raise it

Abriael659d ago (Edited 659d ago )

@Teflon02: I'm well aware, but that's on Nintendo. They have the freedom to keep the content intact and accept a higher rating. It doesn't make CERO into "censors" in any shape or form.

That's simply not what a rating board is. Censors dictate content. A rating board does not. It assigns a rating based on the existing content.

TK-66659d ago

Then that's on Nintendo, and not the ratings board.

TK-66659d ago

Yeah, I'm not seeing the issue with them asking to see if characters actually have underwear modeled. That would actually be reason to give the game a higher age rating. If Sakurai included them and Nintendo then removed them to achieve a lower age rating that would've made Nintendo the censors.

A rating board has every right to ask for this to accurately rate the game.

bluefox755659d ago

Let's be honest, a game won't be sold by retailers in the US if it has an AO rating, they have power over the industry, even if they're only a "rating board".

Abriael659d ago

That's completely unrelated, and the rating board still does not require any change to the content. The developer has full freedom to distribute the game via other means.

Calling a rating board "censors" couldn't be less accurate. That's simply not their job.

annoyedgamer659d ago

Ratings Org can shift around elements and the ratings they garner. Im not saying that was done here but it's heen done in the US feature films and the MPAA.

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tehpees3659d ago

I hope they did not ask to check Dark Samus under that armour.

Tross659d ago

That would be an interesting job duty, even if it’s in the name of censorship. Someone was literally paid to do a panty check on female characters, lulz.

Abriael659d ago (Edited 659d ago )

It's not in the name of censorship. It's in the name of not giving a CERO A rating (All ages) to a game that doesn't fit its content guidelines.

Tross658d ago

It’s still dumb no matter what you call it. Equestria Girl dolls have panties. Are those not child-friendly? Besides, in talking about Japan, you don’t want to know what CoroCoro comics get away with. A panty shot or two might as well be CERO A.

Abriael658d ago

@Tross: you're comparing entirely different industries with different rules.

ibrake4naps659d ago

Games will show muscle men's nips, but God forbid a quick glimpse of princess Peach's vagina. Hypocrisy!!!

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