Square Enix: We have every intention of releasing The Crystal Bearers

Contrary to reports provided by EGM's Rumor Mill section, Square Enix confirmed today that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers will be released.

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Smacktard3722d ago

Cool. I don't like the Final Fantasy universe, but the video I saw of this game kinda interested me. Hope it's not trash!

ChickeyCantor3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I just hope They do something like FF9 again...
I don't know but that game really brought back the nostalgic feel of the older games.

Also this is a different FF universe!
they actually have some more.
But i like the fact that they put Crystal chronicles in the title since the first Nes/Snes FF games were always about Crystals.

Captain_Sony3722d ago

Nice to see someone else noticed the similarity. I like to think of CC as a continuation of the Nes,Snes games due to the crystal themes.

iamtehpwn3722d ago

the art style has always been the biggest turn off for the Crystal Chronicle Side franchise.

rbnkm7063722d ago

I just can't wait for a honest effort from square enix on the Wii that's mature oriented. I'm glad for their first effort on wii ware because it allowed them to work with the system. It also forced them to think outside the box and remember there roots. Hopefully some of that can be applied to crystal bearers and give us the Piccolo to the Vegeta's and Goku's of other consoles. On a sightly different note, don't they have the white engine running on the Wii? What game might the Wii be getting a port of?

Smacktard3722d ago

"What game might the Wii be getting a port of?"

Every game Square-Enix has ever made. Ever.

PS360WII3722d ago

I think that Square Enix has the white engine up for the Wii. You know I kinda liked Dragon Quests Swords I wouldn't mind a sequel to that ^^

ablecain3722d ago

I have a feeling that this game is gonna be really cool. I really enjoyed Crystal Chronicles for the Gamecube, but I hope this one will be a bit more like the traditional Final Fantasies, and it looks like it's going to be just that.

PS360WII3722d ago

"We apologize for any unnecessary distress this rumor may have caused and hope the fans of the series can again look forward to the upcoming release of Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers"

Wow they took that rumor to heart. Glad they know that people want this game to happen :)

robotnik3721d ago

Another FF that will pass to the annals of history as a failure.

Not surprising since SE has been milking its franchises since FFX2.

kesvalk3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

you only said that because its on the Wii ¬¬

ChickeyCantor3721d ago

How the hell do you know if it will become a "failure"?
WTF is wrong with the likes of you?

As Kesvelk said, you are only saying that because it's on the Wii.
You will be praising FF13 for sure.

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