Remedy's Sam Lake Talks About Introducing the 'New Weird' Setting with Control

Remedy's writer and actor Sam Lake (the face of Max Payne) talked about introducing the 'new weird' inspired setting in Control.

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Jackhass1284d ago

The world was a touch one-note, but it was definitely unlike anything else out there.

FTLmaster1283d ago

I'd actually go as far as saying it was *very* one note. Was an absolute slog to play through. It was so bland and repetitive.

NoneYuh1283d ago

I have to disagree. It was a breath of fresh air. Had a ton of fun. Especially with the power combos you could do. Loved it enough to want to plat it

ccgr1284d ago

Look like a unique offering

Spurg1283d ago

A bad gamble going with 505 games....and absolute bad gamble from Remedy's part

DerfDerf1283d ago

Bad gamble? They put out a great game.

Dark_Knightmare21283d ago

What was bad about it? They put out a great game that reviewed well and is a goty contender

Flewid6381283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

On what planet is being well reviewed and given a nomination for game of the year considered to be a gamble? lmao.

Flewid6381283d ago

My personal game of the year. Jaw dropping at every turn with the perfect, ominous sci-fi mood.

Hungryalpaca1283d ago

Really? Half the weapons/abilities end up being useless.

Flewid6381282d ago

Really? That wasn't my experience.


gangsta_red1283d ago

I really need to try this game

mcstorm1283d ago

I could not get into this game. I don't know why. Loved Max Payne, Alan Wake and QB but I don't know what it was about this game but it did not grasp me and I moved on.

Going to give it another go when I've cleared my backlog though as I want to like this game as loved the others.

1283d ago
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