GameDaily: Mirror's Edge Review

Mirror's Edge is a first person adventure that takes place in a city plagued by corruption and an oppressive government. You play as Faith, a sexy and nimble Runner that ferries sensitive information hundreds of feet in the air. Much of the game revolves around breathtaking escapes that force you to vault over objects, climb poles, scale fences and sail off buildings without becoming street pizza. Beautiful graphics complement the exhilarating jumps, as the sunlight reflects off white surfaces and gleaming windows. Dodging bullets and narrowly escaping capture (as well as an addictive Time Trial mode) make Mirror's Edge worth playing if you have the patience to survive its concrete jungle. Yet Faith's limited punches and kicks result in tedious combat, linear routes make the city surprisingly small and accidental deaths force you to restart numerous times. Just make sure you look before you, well, you know.

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