GRAW 2 Videos - Developer Diary and two new videos you 3 new videos for your viewing pleasure as well as a few new screens. Trailer 2 and Trailer 6 have never been seen before so get downloading as soon as you can. They also have a developer Diary weighing in at 65mb. The developer diary is a start to a series of developer videos giving us an insight into GRAW 2.

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Scrooge5719d ago

If only I didn't have to be a member of the linked website to see the videos...

PS360PCROCKS5719d ago

Awesome does anyone have an idea when the demo's coming out at all?

BenzMoney5719d ago

Yeah, I'd like to know that too - I read somewhere that it was slated for "End of January" but that is quickly slipping by...

My purchase of this game rests solely on whether or not I think the demo shows that Ubi made enough of an upgrade to the original GRAW to justify the purchase of a whole new game. I'm skeptical - releasing a game just one year after the original usually means marginal, if any, improvements. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

zonetrooper55719d ago

I think its coming out before March.

hep5719d ago

I think it's alright that you have to be a member to download the vids. The reason they do this is that unlike massive sights like IGN etc MyGEN pays for all it's hosted space and bandwith out of their own pockets. Everything else on the site is free to see, it's just the vids. Only takes 30 seconds and it's reasonably easy enough to do.