TGR Review: Call of Duty: World at War - 7.5/10

"The game seems to falter under the heavy burden placed upon it by its title. Fans will love it, but if you didn't like the past version there is no reason for you to change your mind. If you can't do online multiplayer, skip it."

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Jamegohanssj53651d ago

This is the real review. Well actually this minus 3.0 and we can call it a day :D.


Gerry3651d ago

COD4 is better. This game is Activision milking the franchise like the Guitar Hero series.

Watkins3651d ago

This is the first review I feel is somewhat fair ...
It's all about the multiplayer, which treyarch haven't changed since CoD4 apart from the setting, so what can go wrong really. It feels like a CoD4 mod. I don't like Treyarch, they just make games from famous franchises (Bond, spider man and CoD all at once?!), and sadly it works. People are actually buying their crap. I'm never gonna buy another game from them (CoD3).

Slinger4203651d ago

This review sounds like it was written by a COD4 fanboy

damnwrx3651d ago

This is a fair review....On-line pretty well lame.

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