Games of the Decade: Forza Horizon transcends racing games

But the reason Forza Horizon stands out - not just among the racing games of the last 10 years, but among the very finest video games of the decade - has nothing to do with cars. It is its relentless and inspiring positivity, its generosity of spirit. From its globe-trotting views to its heart-pounding soundtrack, Forza Horizon is all about finding excitement, happiness and beauty wherever you look. This is a video game about joy. What better legacy than that?

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Gazondaily781d ago

The legacy of the Forza Horizon reigns supreme this gen. It has been in league of it's own this gen. A true classic.

If done right however, Horizon's best has yet to come in the form of the next iteration if set in Japan.

gangsta_red781d ago

Not a racing fan but I do think the Forza Horizon games are drop dead gorgeous.

Can't wait to see that open world Playground can craft in a RPG setting.

bluefox755781d ago

It's a great game, but I wouldn't go that far, lmao.

DerfDerf781d ago

I'm assuming based on previous comments it's not as far as it cold be if it had the PS branding attached to it.

TK-66781d ago

Racing games is a genre that many naturally overlook due to it not appealing to them. When a game of that genre is able to draw in sales from people who are believed to be unattainable, it's a sign that the game has done something very well.

Years later and other developers still haven't been able to replicate what Horizon has done. The game definitely deserves a place among the best games of the decade.

bluefox755781d ago

Oof, guess I poked the golden goose, lol. I forgot this was the only 90+ Xbox game. You guys get really sensitive when someone doesn't take the knee.

781d ago
NeoGamer232781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

So, really, what you are saying is you've never really played it and are just spouting off as a PS only gamer.

I don't mind people having opinions but your opinions should be based on facts and actually playing the game rather than just giving an opinion based on the console you own.

I have almost all consoles released in the last two decades, PS, XB, Nintendo, PC, iOS, and Android... To me, Forza Horizon is the best arcade racing game period.

781d ago
TK-66781d ago

You're calling people sensitive because you had two comments offering a different view? Notice how you're the one to bring up the review scores, and not anyone else?

You're the one who comes across as sensitive, lol.

Imortus_san781d ago

Must be hard for a Sony fan to see Sony destroy the GT series with that online beta that charges for single player dlc.

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specialguest781d ago

If not Horizon, then tell me what other racer deserves #1 in the last 10 years? Gran Turismo 5, 6, Sports? Lol. All good racers, but not quite like Horizon

781d ago
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ReadyPlayer22781d ago

It doesn't need to be said. Highest rated racing franchise this generation and it's not even close. Playground Games are damn good at open world racing.

Abnor_Mal781d ago

Never played the series, but definitely a franchise I would have lots of fun racing around in from the looks of the games.

2ndhandcorn781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

I prefer the straight up vanilla Forza i find the Horizon festival to be a bit poxy the music is garbage , looks and plays well open worlds are annoying.

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The story is too old to be commented.