Gamerpoints mean real prizes?

If you have a rather large Gamerscore, you should be eager to hear rumours from Internet-land that Gamerpoints could soon be bagging you proper rewards.

The idea originated on Xbox community blog site Unscripted 360, which claimed to have seen a partially torn document containing "interesting plans". From this elusive piece of evidence it announced that Xbox (Microsoft) was teaming up with sponsors to launch a free program to reward Achievements with prizes.

With no proof to speak of, and Microsoft unavailable for comment, it's something to be taken with a pinch of salt: but it's certainly not beyond the realms of possibility.

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God of Gaming4908d ago

I love this idea. Anything they can do to keep achievements fresh through the life of the system. Its a great way to get gamers to play games in odd or tough ways and I am excited to see things evolve.

Harry4908d ago

All sounds a bit too spurious if you ask me. I doubt that Microsoft would give away live content for obtaining some points on a game.

It also raises the issue of having games with easily obtainable achievements.

ryanjtravis4908d ago

Well, while it does definitely sound like a totally made-up rumor, MS really should implement some sort of reward system for gamerscore. It would be a great investment, because people would be even more crazy about Achievements than they already are (if you can believe that).

This would lead to more sales (or at least rentals, which equals more sales to rental businesses) and higher customer satisfaction. It seems like a wise move to me.

Evolved3604908d ago

Microsoft was talking about this before the 360 even came out. I guees we will have to wait and find out when they decide to let us know.

PS360PCROCKS4908d ago

I think it's a really cool idea actually, also this new site's pretty darn cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.