Electronic Arts France poll shows Wii as least attractive

While many gaming websites bring out polls that nowadays show that Wii is on top (many polls allow multiple votes), a new poll from Electronic Arts France asked the question (translated) "Which console of news-generation attracts you more?" The following were the results:

Playstation 3 - 59%
Xbox 360 - 22%
Wii - 19%

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GrimFang46195d ago

It doesn't say how many people voted. I could tell it was a low number, though, when I saw that the figures had changed so much already:

(Never rely on Google-translation for news)
Quelle console de nouvelle-génération vous attire le plus ?
(Which new-generation console attracts you the most?)
Xbox 360
Nintendo Wii

achira6195d ago

to #1: your poll is not representative, lol 60 ppl !!! there are thousonds of such polls, every saying something different. but i think its true that most ppl are favourating the ps3.

OutLaw6195d ago

I would have been surprised if you thought otherwise.


the polls across the net show similar trends- PS3, the 360 then wii. I think this is steming from the name-brand recognition for Sony, though I wonder how this will shift as the pricetag, release games and blu-ray articles start educating the public at launch. There will be ALOT of 'which should you buy' PS3 Vs 360 Vs Wii features in all the mainstream press around Novemeber.

AuburnTiger6195d ago

Who really cares what France hast to say?

FamoAmo6195d ago

I hate the French..they are all little [email protected] on XBL.. They hate americans so there for I hate them!

Marriot VP6195d ago

all polls are generally crap. Like ones in tech magazines or tech sites are biased to the high spending side of society. Therefore they're inclined to buy expensive stuff.

This one's just 60 people in France. I could hold a better poll than that.

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