Darkzero: Mount & Blade review


"Gamers are so conditioned to repeat sections of a game over and over again if they fail them, but M&B encourages you to accept your failures, and live with them. You can play the game with the typical save system if you want (save whenever, load whenever), but the suggested option is one whereby you can only save when you quit the game. Initially, it's really difficult to accept - we're so used to simply loading a previous save if things don't go quite as planned, because we like the record to show this uninterrupted stream of success. But, as we all know, life is anything but. And it's through this save mechanic, and the absence of player death, that M&B allows its players to come up with their own narrative that ends up being far more convincing than the rubbish we're spoon-fed in 98% of the games out there.

For those of you still waiting for me to make some hilarious derogatory comment about the graphics, forget M&B. It's not for you. Everyone else, if you're not already convinced, get yourselves over to the TaleWorlds website and download the M&B trial. It might not be to everyone's tastes, but it makes a whole bunch of interesting and bold design decisions, and I guarantee you've not played anything quite like it. For those reasons alone, it gets a glowing recommendation."

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