Best Need for Speed Games, All 22 Ranked

Author writes, "Need for Speed Heat has brought the series back into the spotlight after Payback and the 2015 reboot, but where does it fit amongst the rest of the series."

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FanboyPolice779d ago

Amazing, 22 games and I only remember 3

Nacho_Z779d ago

Pretty bad success rate for that many games hey. Shows the appetite for a quality street racing game if anyone else wants to have a stab at it.

Retroman778d ago (Edited 778d ago )

Noooooo, it's been 25 games.
out of those 25 games only 9 was good. other 16 games was and is Craptastic. First 7 ps1 NFS was excellent , ps2 5 games Hotpursuit 2, Underground 1/2 the run , 2005 Mostwanted was excellent . from there on failure after failure. 2015 reboot failure, payback failure, 2012 Mostwanted failure, 2013 Rivals failure. Nothing positive about Heat so far coming in.

779d ago
dekke779d ago

Undergroud 2 was best my opinion :P

gtxgamer2778d ago

Yess underground 2 and midnight club dub edition were my favorite