PlayStation 4 Units Sold to Consumers Outsells PlayStation 1

Sony recently announced lifetime shipment figures for the PlayStation 4 have surpassed 102.8 million units as of September 30, 2019. That puts shipment figures ahead of the lifetime sales of the original PlayStation and Nintendo Wii.

The PlayStation 4 units sold to consumers has now outsold the lifetime sales of the original PlayStation, according to our estimates.

The PlayStation 4 sold 371,272 units for the week ending November 23, 2019 to bring its lifetime sales to 102.53 million units. This compares to the original PlayStation with lifetime sales of 102.50 million units. Next up is the Game Boy, which sold 118.69 million units lifetime.

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CaptainHenry916505d ago (Edited 505d ago )


Nyxus504d ago

Looks like that number is going to go up:

"PlayStation 4 has already sold more units this week than it has in the last several months combined

That $199 PS4 exclusives triple pack is moving some absurd units"

Brave_Losers_Unite504d ago (Edited 504d ago )

And then The Last of Us 2 and Final Fantasy VII are going to hit.

TheKingKratos504d ago

Wait till the Last of us part 2 hit that thing will explode in sales

504d ago
Felix_Argyle_Catbro505d ago

Shipments are not the same thing as sold to consumers. Shipments are consoles sent to stores worldwide. So talking about having been sold to CONSUMERS is misleading and incorrect.

sprinterboy504d ago

Don't be stupid, who reads articles/S

sampsonon504d ago

you don't even have to read the article. it's in the title for the article

JEECE504d ago

Sorry Xbox One isn't as popular as 360, but you'll be okay.

darthv72504d ago

Why bring that up? Are you that insecure with things???

JEECE503d ago


Lol Felix brought it up. Why do you think everytime there's an article about PS4 sales, someone has to say "nuh uh, this is the number sold to stores, not to consumers!" as if they are breaking some major story. Number 1 this pretends not to know what we all know, which is that units sold to the store will be sold to consumers within a few weeks, so there is little reason to distinguish. Number 2, it's obvious to everyone that Felix (or whichever Felix-type person makes the comment that particular time) isn't really super concerned that people think PS4 has actually sold .34 million more than it has; he's upset that PS4 is so successful in the first place, because he remembers the good old days of 2007 when PS3 was going to go the way of the Dreamcast.

yoshatabi504d ago

Someone didn't read the article

504d ago
Hungryalpaca504d ago

Someone forgot how to read.

Teflon02504d ago

ps4 passed PS1 shipments a while ago... So them announcing sold to consumers NOW of all times would probably mean "sold to consumers". One thing about Sony is that they're usually pretty specific when they talk sales. Unlike say MS who likes to be as vague to possible. Last Gen Sony use to talk sales to consumers while MS talked console shipments as a whole. Different things entirely.

Chaos_Order504d ago

The second I saw this headline my immediate thought was: "I bet there's someone in the comments claiming it's units shipped, not sold." It happens every single time Sony makes these announcements. :)

leoms504d ago

Typed before you read eh?

sprinterboy504d ago

Read the article, you won't make a tit of yourself nxt time.

monkey602504d ago

I enjoyed every single response you got ha

Elda504d ago

Read the article slowly & thoroughly so your mind can compute.

porkChop504d ago

I love how everyone is just telling you to read the article, but they don't appear to have read it themselves. This claim is based on VGChartz "estimates", this claim is not being made by Sony.

"The PlayStation 4 units sold to consumers has now outsold the lifetime sales of the original PlayStation, according to our estimates."

Realms504d ago (Edited 504d ago )

Sony has said they have already shipped well over that number so you are assuming they haven't sold them by now? Yes they are estimates but retailers don't order more products unless they have sold their inventory, given that the holiday season is here I bet that by the end of the year Sony announces yet another higher sales number.

porkChop504d ago

I'm not assuming they haven't sold that number. But multiple people on this very page are saying this announcement is coming from Sony, which isn't true.

UltraNova503d ago

Read the ***vggchartz*** article.

I feel your hurt, buddy. Maybe next time?

Realms504d ago

You either didn't read the article or your reading comprehension sucks.

Vizigoth04503d ago

Either way you want to interpret it, it’s doing freaking amazing.

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Thundercat77504d ago

PS2 still hold that crown 👑.

LoveSpuds504d ago

That's a good shout, but I think its damn close for me personally. Either way, it is still mightily impressive what Sony has delivered this generation.

Happy gaming duder.

Relientk77505d ago

Nice and the sales will keep going up because there are some great Brack Friday Bundurus

Teflon02504d ago

Comment GOLD of the day.
Now I gotta rewatch it XD

Hardiman505d ago

Like the "sold to customers " part! Congratulations Sony.

504d ago
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