Xbox Live Games With Gold For December 2019

Major Nelson: For the month of December, Xbox Live Gold members will receive four new free games - two on Xbox One and two on Xbox 360

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Gwiz569d ago

I approve this message.

Obelisk92569d ago

It's like they're not even trying anymore

Kavorklestein569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

Are you serious? This month is just fine... Jurassic World Evolution is awesome, and Toy Story 3 is actually a fun and decent Licensed game... Castlevania is also a great game... What's it gonna take to be considered "Ok" or decent? Maybe Microsoft should just pay your mortgage and you'll finally stop bitching.. seriously what is so bad with this month? I completely disagree with you, But I also love castlevania, toy story, and Jurassic park in general, maybe you do not, and that's fine I suppose. Doesn't make this month shit tho.

vfl523569d ago

@Kavorklestein Come out from underneath Phil Spencer's desk so we can have a real conversation.

RpgSama569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

Every month it's more proof that they don't care anymore about offering a good deal with games with gold and that they're putting all of their eggs into the game pass basket.

RacerX569d ago

Just making sure they can upsell Gamepass for real games.

UltraNova569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

The writing is on the wall. I will not be surprised if someday soon they axe Games with Gold all together.

antz1104569d ago

I'm kind of excited for Jurassic World

Da12RespectA569d ago

More like 💩💩💩 28169;. Fixed

DJStotty569d ago (Edited 568d ago )

what is poor about 4 free games?

I see what you mean though, GWG is poor we have only had 124 free games (xbox one only) /s

568d ago
DJStotty568d ago (Edited 568d ago )

like PS+ games as well you mean?

"Once your PlayStation Plus membership ends, content you previously downloaded at no cost as part of the membership (such as Plus Monthly Games) will no longer be available. However, free avatars and content you purchased at a discounted PlayStation Plus price is yours to keep."

@cradatrucl yes they are free, you pay xbox live to play online, surely as a gamer you know this already.

"Free Games purchased in Games with Gold will still be yours if you cancel gold membership, you can play them offline and with a free membership. Once you purchase the games in Xbox Live you can re-download them whenever you want (if they are still available on XBL and have not been removed"

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darthv72569d ago

Mirror of Fate is a really good CV game. The rest I'm unfamiliar with.

0rbital71569d ago

wooooah no no mirror of fate is by far the worst castlevania game ever made, comon have some sense pls

darthv72569d ago

I disagree. I mean it's no CV: SotN but it isnt CV: Judgement either. It's right there in the middle.

Ricegum569d ago

Of course Darth, of course. Why do I get the feeling that if it were Sony offering this rubbish we'd never hear the end of it with you.

gangsta_red569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

If it were Sony he would still be unfamiliar with those games

darthv72569d ago

Mirror of fate is on ps3. If I had plus Id say the same thing. Its a good game.

darthv72569d ago

Actually... i did comment on the plus offerings and like that titanfall 2 is free for members.

Why are you worried what I think anyways? I dont crap on sony like you do on ms. I play both systems... how bout you rice?

Movefasta1993569d ago

At this point, just scrap gmg and merge games pass with live for extra 10.

gangsta_red569d ago

Agreed, these offerings are becoming insulting now.

RpgSama569d ago

Exactly, now you're paying GwG JUST to play online because the games have been disgraceful for the last 4 to 5 months, might as well merge the services.

The Wood569d ago

Maybe that's their plan and has been for a while.

Majin-vegeta569d ago

Toy story 3 is actually a good game

littletad569d ago

It is, but it's still a very old game and a crappy month.

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