Man of Medan free buddy pass detailed as The Curator's Cut Alternative Path drops for free

Neil writes: "From word go The Man of Medan has promised a hugely intriguing experience, with a narrative and tale that has fully immersed many gamer. Now though there's the chance for even more gamers to get in on the action, thanks to a free Buddy Pass option, whilst those who have the game already can also discover a new alternative path thanks to the free Curator's Cut."

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gangsta_red1156d ago

I have this game but I haven't touched it. Need to get on this and see what it's about.

Abnor_Mal1156d ago

I will wait for this to come to plus. From what I've seen of a play through it's nowhere as exciting as Until Dawn.

bouzebbal1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Sony helped a lot with Until Dawn.. It’s weird that they turned their back and went to make a similar experience on their own.. I wasn’t aware super massive was making a game until recently.. there was absolutely zero hype or even articles about this one... shame cause it’s a studio with great potential

Abnor_Mal1156d ago

Probably wanted to go multiplatform thinking that the game would do better and reach more gamers.

The game did receive decent coverage before release but not really that much hype. In truth the hype it received was mainly from people glad that a second party Sony dev is now going third party. Some also stated that Sony should have bought the studio and now lost them.

Who knows many of these second party developers may just come into the Sony fold after seeing that the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence, similar to Insomniac Games.

I just finished Bravo Team last month and found it to be a very enjoyable game. Many of the complaints that I read about the game, like going from first person VR to third person when you need to move did not take me out of the experience like how many publications said it was very jarring. The Aim controller was very precise when it came to picking off targets with headshots. The action at times was intense, but the story was throwaway.

Still have The Inpatient and look forward to playing, it recieved middling reviews when released just like Bravo Team. Since I was entertained with Bravo Team, I have complete confidence that The Inpatient will also be good.

Wish I could play Until Dawn in VR, and to a lesser extent Man of Medan.

gangsta_red1156d ago

Sony didn't help at all. Sony didn't market their game or anything. I believe Until Dawn was originally supposed to be a Move game for PS3 until Sony dropped support for it.
So they had to completely redo the mechanics for PS4.

Sony also marketed the Uncharted Collection during the release of Until Dawn. I believe they even said it was hard to market the game to the public because if what type of game it was.

So it has nothing to do with zero hype or this dev turning their back on Sony. They just wanted to release a game on more platforms. And there was definitely a lot of stories about this game, they already said they had a whole trilogy planned.

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Hardiman1156d ago

Yeah I've been nervous since I heard Sony wasn't involved because these types of games are in their wheelhouse.

I must say the first episode is severely lacking. Such a letdown after how great UD was. Wish Sony hadn't have them do Rush of Blood and Hidden Agenda.

Hardiman1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Gangsta they did something and to me the main take away is that they didn't kill it( like some are prone to do) much like The Last Guardian and kept the IP alive.

After playing UD and the 1st episode of Man of Medan there's s stark contrast! So something has changed. It seems now that jump scares are what they are relying on.

gangsta_red1156d ago

Yes, it wasn't cancelled, but I'm not sure what that has anything to do with what I stated and how Sony didn't help with the marketing or the game.

"It seems now that jump scares are what they are relying on."

Like 98% of modern day horror movies I suppose. And let's not pretend that UD was some psychological Kubrick masterpiece, because UD celebrated it's cheesey and B-movie nature upfront.

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Hardiman1156d ago

Really wanted to like this because I absolutely loved Until Dawn! But Man of Medan just isn't doing it for me. Maybe it'll get better but something is missing that made UD so good. Wonder what that is?!?!

Stay-Toasty1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

I was really excited for this because I loved UD. About an hour or two in I had already figured out what was going on and made my decisions accordingly, so I ended up with a perfect run and felt like I'd mostly seen everything the game had to offer minus a few death scenes. They could have cut out half of the walking in it and it would have been so much better for it. I'll give it another go to see if there's much of a difference.