VR is a 'very high' priority for the Microsoft Flight Simulator team

It's also considering seasons and hibernating bears.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane615d ago (Edited 615d ago )

This is where VR makes sense. But its not for every game.

I think simulators are the best thing for VR, I don't want to play games like Cyberpunk or Last of Us 2 in VR.

phoenixwing615d ago (Edited 615d ago )

yes only the games approved by microsoft. because phil spencer is my savior. /sarcasm

Thunder_G0d_Bane615d ago

Err I don't get what Microsft has to do with anything? I'm talking about VR in general.

I don't own a VR headset and have no plans to buy one. But I think simulators are the best angle for them.

LordJamar615d ago Show
phoenixwing615d ago

i don't own a vr headset either but at least have some fortitude to decide it should be an all in or not experience instead of deciding only simulators which happen to be approved by microsoft are worthy of the vr treatment. It makes you sound like a shill for microsoft the way you talk.

Thunder_G0d_Bane615d ago

I don't think it needs to be all in or not. Some things are good in some areas. VR cannot and will not replace the regular play on TV screen/monitor cause its too much of an isolated experience. I wouldn't want to play a 60 hour RPG with a VR headset strapped to my head.

I think VR can be great for short experiences like a flying/driving simulator but definitely not how i would want to play Witcher 3.

Dom_Estos615d ago

It doesn't make him sound like a shill. It makes him sound like another clueless drone of a naysayer that wants to shit on VR, because A) can't afford it, or thinks its too expensive, and B) has never tried it.

Neonridr615d ago

he wasn't saying because Microsoft approved it. He was saying out of personal experience that he feels that simulators are the best experiences for VR. He isn't necessarily wrong either. Racing, flying or other cockpit style games work fantastically for VR. I have played Ace Combat, Project Cars 2, Eve Valkyrie and others in VR and they feel amazing to play.

Dom_Estos615d ago

A sprawling FPS cyberpunk RPG, set in a sci fi neon dystopia a'la Bladerunner is EXACTLY the kind of game that makes perfect sense, probably more so than a flight sim, in VR. What on Earth are you on about? Projecting yourself into worlds that you could only live in your imagination is precisely the entire point of VR. The lack of imagination and shit talking on VR absolutely blows my mind at times. It really does.

Venox2008615d ago

I think that horror games are the best

Godmars290615d ago

"I don't think it needs to be all in or not."

As far as a platform is concerned it has to be an all in thing. Phil can't say, hint, that VR isn't going to be an option on the next Xbox only for someone else to promote how its going to be an aspect of a flagship MS game.

URNightmare615d ago

You're probably saying this because you don't own one. Resident Evil 7 is fantastic in VR! Like many other non-simulator games out there.

KickSpinFilter614d ago

Last of Us 2 in VR......ya that would give me a heart attack!!!
But god that would be scary!

carcarias614d ago

Well, in my experience, VR only works in the way it was intended in first person perspective. I tried a third person game in VR and I didn't feel there was much point to it. You're just an onlooker.

So I agree with you about Last of Us but I'd absolutely love to walk, shoot and drive through Nightcity :)

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BrainSyphoned615d ago

I really enjoyed Ultrawings. Being able to leave the cockpit in flight and walk outside the plane helped a lot with getting used to VR.

UltraNova615d ago

I guess the MSFS team didn't get the message...that no one is asking for VR.

ApocalypseShadow615d ago (Edited 615d ago )

The game looks great but it's basically hypocritical double speak from Microsoft.

No one is asking for VR but they're making flight simulator in VR a high priority on PC. And Xbox fans a low priority. They could have made Forza in VR on PC. They didn't because PC WMR was a low priority for them and the game.

They claim that they are fluent in VR and have many patents and controller tech demos. But haven't made any games or headset hardware up until this possible release. All those headsets were made by PC manufactures. And all but one WMR headset is sold on the Microsoft store because the others were discontinued from lack of support. No games.

This company doesn't know what they're doing in the game industry other than subscriptions and services.

Daz615d ago (Edited 615d ago )

Well vr is needed now and the new HOT topic since Microsoft it's not the focus of scarlett and vr not being asked for.
Never seen it get so much attention.
Half life must of kicked it up a gear.

The new thing to jump on the bandwagon.

Anyway this game looks great for vr who want it .

ElementX615d ago

Flight simulator isn't a first party title. Microsoft is in the title and is publishing the game but it's being developed by Asobo. You just like to sh!t on Microsoft, as seen in your comment history. There is no double speak. Flight simulator enthusiasts who shell out big money for quality HOTAS and want the most authentic feel probably own VR. This is for them, this isn't a title for the mass audience

ApocalypseShadow615d ago (Edited 615d ago )

Element, they are publishing it. It's a Microsoft title.

Firewall wasn't made by a Sony in-house studio. But it's published as Sony PSVR title.

I don't have to crap on Microsoft when they do that just fine themselves.

Point being, Forza released on PC with clearly 7 WMR headsets on the market. VR? Low priority. Now with Flight Simulator, it's a high priority. After 6 headsets became discontinued leaving Samsung's on the MS store.

High fidelity VR was a high priority for Xbox One X. Now VR is a low priority this Gen leading into the next on Scarlett.

I didn't make that up. That's all Microsoft doublespeak.

ElementX615d ago (Edited 615d ago )

Why do you think those VR headsets are no longer on the market? People aren't clamoring for them. How many developers have released multiple VR games? Most dip their toes in the water and don't make a profit. There is no huge market for VR. MS isn't trying to get VR into consumers' hands. Enthusiasts probably own one so they are giving them the option. Flight Simulator was always a PC game. Forza was a console game first and foremost. This is coming to Xbox but come on... it's aimed at the PC market. MS doesn't have a VR now because there isn't a market but a simulator is perfect for VR. They aren't adding VR support to everything, this is a niche title for a specific demographic. If MS released VR then they'd feel obligated to support it. How many first party PSVR games are there? I can think of RIGS and Astrobot. There might be a few more, but why shoehorn in some "VR experiences" or short side mission crap? Sony isn't really even supporting VR. Where are the AAA first party titles?

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andibandit614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

Nearly everyone who is serious with Sims would like either a multi monitor setup, or a vr headset. I've seen multiple requests for vr for flight simulator

TK-66614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

What part of "VR is not a priority for Project Scarlett" makes it hypocritical for a studio making a game being published by MS to focus on VR for a PC game?

"The vast majority of our customers know if they want a VR experience, there’s places to go get those. We see the volumes of those on PC and other places.” - Phill Spencer.

So where's the hypocrisy between what he's said and what the developers of MS Flight Sim said?

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LordJamar615d ago

You take things to literally but the focus is not VR that doesn’t mean Microsoft does not have some of its hands in VR it always has it’s just not a focus and that makes sense focus on your core vr can come later

UltraNova615d ago

No I'm taking things as MS says them.

OB1Biker615d ago

That sounds like George Orwell newspeak

WhiteHawk615d ago

Funny, I’ve seen quite a few asking for it on Flight Simulator 2020 videos etc, I don’t have a headset and don’t mind that much either way but I may get one in the next few years so would be nice if they added it.

LordJamar615d ago

Like I said Microsoft has always had there hands in VR and reality software it’s just not a focus some games will have them mainly on pc versions but many won’t cause that’s not there focus there focus is what they new studios are producing and gamepass and project x cloud and the new system VR is just not at the front right now maybe in the distant future but not now

Unspoken615d ago

LoL on Xbox, wooosh!

Microsoft has multiple divisions.

ThinkThink614d ago

You're taking what he said and twisting it. First off, he was talking about xbox customers and their lack of desire for VR, NOT the PC. He even went on to say that they are supporting VR on PC.

nyu1614d ago

It's the opposite. The community bugged them for it and then they decided to make it a priority

carcarias614d ago

Phil's obviously got some spanking to dish out :)

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xTonyMontana615d ago

It should be too, I got my Oculus yesterday and honestly, it's the most mind blowing gaming experience I've had in a good 20 years. It won't replace traditional gaming but it's something special, I was so immersed in it yesterday that when I went to throw a grenade ingame, I actually threw my controller by mistake. The level of immersion is unparalleled. Flight Simulator VR would be a must buy.

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