'Gears of War 2' can't live up to hype


"Gears of War" was a game that achieved amazing success in 2006. The game took third-person shooters to a new level of solid gameplay and refined the idea of avoiding enemy fire until it became a central aspect of the title. "Gears of War 2" simply cannot recapture that magic. But that doesn't mean it is not a solid title in its own right.

The other big addition to multiplayer is Horde, a mode where a team of five players takes on wave after wave of enemies where the only mission is to survive. Horde mode is great fun - at first. However, even the camaraderie of smashing enemies begins to wear on gamer stamina at Round 20, and by the time you reach 50 - one of the achievements - it would be surprising if gamers ever wanted to play Horde again. There is not enough enemy variation in the whole of "Gears" to keep wave after wave of enemies from becoming monotonous.

Overall, "Gears of War 2" is a disappointment to gamers who hoped for a better, faster and stronger "Gears," but for everyone else, it's still a great time."

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P3628d ago

Gears of war 1>Gears of war 2

Danja3628d ago

I've played Co-op and Horde mode over a friends place and the game is pretty fun...I dont think you can bade one person opinion and use it to sum of the game experience..

ne who im the open might as well just type gibberish

Bitter Tears3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Guys, don't worry, I found the game that will bury the 360 to the ground. It's doomed with Gears 2 not living up the hype.


EDIT: I figured out it was a joke... from this thread...


Th3 Chr0nic3628d ago

IS this guy even playing the same game as he is writng about??

horde mode does not have to played all in one sitting as u can resume from any level u have already unlocked....what a douche

elorm93628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

There's not many variations of the enemies that attack you. I haven't played the game, but from what he is saying, you pretty much face the same enemies wave after wave, over and over which makes horde quite repetitive.

He also thinks that not much was improved in Gears 2 because of the lobby issues and that the new weapons don't really do much in MP.

Edit: You guys can disagree, but know that this isn't my opinion. I just restated the author's opinion

OOG3628d ago

more variety of things in gears 2 compared to the original

Danja3628d ago

Well how many different kind of Locust does he expect in the game ? lol

Horde mode is extremely fun from and it doesn't get repetitve it gets more competitive as time goes on and ur team mates fall victim to the locust..

R2 doesn't have variety in the Chimeras...and it's still an awesome game....

seem to me this guy just doesn't like the game period I doubt he even played it.

elorm93628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Tell that to the author and read my edit


You sure you played R2? Because there's more than just one strain of Chimera. From what I can remember, there's the Ravager, hybrids, spinners, grims and some others.

KingME3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Amazing how good you are at interpreting negative stories about GOW2, especially for someone who only play a couple of levels with his cousin and decided that he didn't like it because of blood and gore.

I think this story was written by yet again another blogger, still trying to justify his PS3 purchase. All of the positive reviews and sales numbers are wrong. Because "PAUL DZIUBA" said so.


shotputking3628d ago

i counted 14 different locust enemies... other than getting stronger after you get to certain points, what does he expect? in my 20 years of video-gaming, beating horde mode with an old college buddy and 3 other people on live has been by far the most intense gaming moment i've ever experienced. horde mode is great, the campaign is much better and more varied than the first... i've put about 30 hours into the game so far and haven't even gotten into the traditional multiplayer yet... this game by far exceeding my expectations, and i put a good 200 hours into the first gears of war.

elorm93628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I'm just not the kind of person who likes games that really take blood and gore to the next level. That's why I was never really a fan of zombie shooters.

And like I said before, it's not my opinion and I haven't even played the game the first place (only the first one).

Monchichi0253628d ago

I'm the biggest Gears fan there is and was expecting the most from Gears 2! And i can honestly say, Epic DELIVERED exactly what I wanted!!! I Freakin love this game!!!

Got a complaint about the very ending, and maybe some multi-player glitches. But with an update, those will be fixed soon. Other then that...This game is the SHIZTNITZ!!!

StephanieBBB3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

This is only my preferance but when I play gears of war 2 I almost fall asleep. The gameplay imo is too linear and gives the feeling of rail shooting almost all the time. The key building stones of Gears 2 are not at all attractive to me. Wallhuging gets boring quick and I've probably seen to much gore and stuff to be facinated by chainsawing people up. The 3rd person shooter style is sweet but I hate the typical Unreal series looking fratboy characters you are forced to play. Seriously I want someting new...

Mozilla893628d ago

That guy is gonna get a lot of mail...hate mail.

Rofflecopter3628d ago

i think hes right, but hear me out. Ive been playing it alot for the past few days. the lag online tends to be horrible. the campaign actually has a story now, but its based around dom being a cry baby. cliffy told us that there would be huge battles, but i still was fighting 5 or less enemies at a time. overall, everything that was said to be a huge improvement (cover system aside) was BS. dont get me wrong, its a GREAT game, but i was disappointed.

Bitter Tears3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Man elorm9, if gore and blood and filthy language bother you, you do know there's a MATURE FILTER in the game, you can turn it off and it'll be less gorey and bloody then Resistance 2. Come on, who are you fooling here? You have a PS avatar and you're bad talking a game from the 360? Go figure.

Trust me, if anyone was disappointed in anything, you probably are disappointed in a lot of games these days due to the massive hyping of almost every single game that it cannot reach the level of greatness all of you hype it up to be.

The only thing that needs to be fixed right now in Gears 2 is the multiplayer matchmaking, lag isn't THAT BAD, it's not noticeable half the time. Everything else, what'd you expect? A Gears 2 MMO?

Quit your crying. :'(

Nathaniel_Drake3628d ago


They have a variety of different Chimeras and the react differently, which is why I think it has one of the best A.I. I have played in a shooter

I remember playing in the SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

swamps and hiding in the brush shooting down chimeras in the house and on the ledge with the fareye I looked left and right and didn't see a chimera on the ground, kept shooting then all of a sudden I hear one chimeran voice from the side and before I knew it kicked and bashed me to death, this exmaple is just a small one on how they react to human players

elorm93628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

When did I say Gears of War was bad? I just said that it's not for me. Also, there are plenty of games out there that are rated M that don't contain as much blood and gore as this game.

IMO, blood and gore is pretty much what drives this game. Why do you think people enjoy the curb stomp? Or the thing where you flip the guy over and start punching their face? That's what I'm pointing at. Not every M rated game has a guy on roids sawing people up.

I don't even own a 360, so why should I even bother getting it?

Yipee Bog3628d ago

But I'm still trying to get into a match. Searching for players.... invite a friend....Searching for players....invite a friend....Searching for players.... 5 mins later: Searching for players....invite a friend.... 10 mins later: puts back in gears 1 and plays online

GUNS N SWORDS3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

and what are his comparisons exactly?

never mind.......he's just a pissed gamer in the mist of gamers that got what they came for.

his one negative out look on this game is too futile, just today i saw already 4 new reviews all of them positive. what difference is ONE reviewer going to help accomplish when hundreds of them are submitting their reviews as well.

likedamaster3628d ago

I would have to disagree with not having enough variety in Horde Mode. It has more than enough, and each enemies strength, accuracy increase with every 10 waves. The problem with Horde is that it gets increasingly hard to beat or even get to wave 50(but that's a good thing). Gears 2 did most things right this time around and the few things it didn't goes to show you they are far from perfect. Those things that aren't perfect are little things that annoy me for example; matchmaking takes a little long when first starting, no feature to mute a player other than from the dashboard, and no way to check your personal rank(if there is a way, I haven't figured it out yet)other than your rank in the leaderboards. Gears is extremely fun to play on and off line. It has an array of new things going on in both single and multiplayer. And destructible environments is a nice touch. I noticed just the shell of cover flying off but then I shot a cover with the boomshot and it blew a big chunk out of it, I was impressed.

iggypop1233628d ago

wait you can? i got to 45 but everytime i get into another horde game it starts at 1

Sarcasm3628d ago

Some of you guys are taking this too seriously.

What he says isn't any different than what people say about Resistance 2. Unfortunately it just seems to be the curse of being a sequel.

People said Resistance 2 didn't change as much as they think it would from Resistance 1.

Gears 2 is no different. It obviously doesn't stray away from Gears 1 enough to make it anything "new" that will blow people's mind.

It's almost along the same lines of what Tordavis said. Though I disagree about a lot of things that guy says, but he's right in saying that Sequels often won't be drastically different than the original. In terms of graphics, gameplay, and even the story.

That being said, Gears 2 and Resistance 2 stand out as amazing games as a standalone product. Especially to those who's never played the originals. But as Sequels, they fall short of expectations.

sukru3627d ago

"...was fighting 5 or less enemies at a time..."

Were we playing the same game? There were really much more on the screen. Especially on the ride to the landown mission (the first one). And come on, the last one (where you chain gun hundreds of drones) was really fantastic.

Gears 2 has really delivered, at least for me. I could not expect more.

Utalkin2me3627d ago

If Gears changes what it is then it wouldnt be gears anymore.

ezcex3627d ago

the ride to landown was a joke. you call that lots of enemys. all i saw was one giant brumak and a ton of little guys runnnig on screen. any game can put a bunch of small guys on screen with no detail. cmon now. i havent reached the end yet, but if its the same as landown ima be disappointed. im taking on skorge right now, and thats the end of chapter 4 and have yet to to fight more than like 10 enemies at once. dont get me wrong, i love the game, its badass but i was expecting more from what epic was saying.

shovelbum3627d ago

I beat it and it was good fun but the MP issues just kills it for me. Too long of waits to enter matches and booting back to main menu are a big waste of time. Loved the story though. Glad they brought in outside help to get it going along the better path. As for horde I got through thirty of the waves before the monotony wore too thin. I'll visit it again later but the variation (or lack thereof) issue is definitely there. Still the story won me over.

sukru3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Edit: Will try to give a better answer.

Short answer: Yep, they are small, too. But they look bigger when you approach them.

There are two issues here: engine limits, and gameplay.

When you're on foot, it usually has less than 5 enemies at a time. But most of the games are the same too (I played MGS4, DMC4, and Assassin's Creed. Only AC had more people, but only a few of them were actual enemies). Otherwise, it would not be a fair (or fun) fight.

When you're riding a vehicle, however, there are usually much more enemies. (Look at the beginning, tank, and final levels). They are usually small, but you can approach them (except the first, but they come to you in waves eventually, so killing them from distance makes a difference).

Finally, when there is no physics involved, you see much more "big" stuff on screen. During the fights (in addition to the enemies), you may see many helis flying, hundreds of trees burning, and buildings crushing at the same time. And in the cut-scenes (even in not pre-rendered ones) large armies are marching (along side tanks, helis, etc). So this is not a graphic limitation (but a physics one, I guess).

Bottom line: Gears of War 2 is a good game, and technically achieves very good, even on a "limited" platform like the 360.

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nombon3628d ago

i bet this douche is a PS3 fanboy or some sh!t cause Gow2 was the shiznit (pardon my french)

7h3ultim8p003628d ago

"Overall, "Gears of War 2" is a disappointment to gamers who hoped for a better, faster and stronger "Gears," but for everyone else, it's still a great time."

lol, what?
Joke article?

joydestroy3627d ago

yeah, because i wasn't a huge fan of the first one but the second one is hands down a huge improvement. the gameplay mechanics alone make it a better purchase. a very very good game imo.

Kyur4ThePain3628d ago

Look at the approvals and it will be pretty obvious that this is nothing more than bait to get hits.
Shame on you!