EA: DICE's Destruction Can Be Like Real Life Once Powered by the Cloud

According to EA CTO Ken Moss, the destruction system DICE developed for Battlefield could be unshackled thanks to the power of the cloud.

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ccgr606d ago

Awesome, can't wait to try it!

Brave_Losers_Unite606d ago

Yep just how amazing cloud computing came out with the Xbox and Crackdown 3 /s

Im not in the least bit interested

rainslacker606d ago

At least he's not using it to sell a current version of the software, but talking more long term. MS problem was they tried to make it a relevant selling point for an entire system, and game, but it wasn't ready for the generation, they gave it to a developer who couldn't handle the scope of what was trying to be achieved, and the time it took to finally get to market made it so other devs weren't going to make it a meaningful technology for this gen.

Going forward, MS did prove it works as a concept, it just kind of soured the milk with how it was finally implemented in CD3.

In the end though, when it comes to EA, I know DICE may be able to use the tech better than what was shown in CD3, but I also know it means EA will use it as a reason to keep the game online only. Which is really how these big publishers want the market to go anyways.

CaptainCook606d ago

Flight Simulator 2020 is fully powered by the cloud.

Profchaos606d ago

Halo 4 of all games actually managed to utalise cloud graphics better than cd3 they used it for the skylines and clouds from memory it was more of a proof of concept that had no real impact on the gamer if it failed

roadkillers606d ago

You sound like a stuckup woman.

HighPlayer28606d ago

Titanfall used the cloud and Forza Motorsport greatly.

JustTheFax605d ago

The article and this comment are talking about CLOUD DESTRUCTION, not cloud ai or bots or ghost characters. STAY ON TOPIC!

dcbronco605d ago (Edited 605d ago )


We've got to stop criticizing attempts at innovation. Just because something didn't work for that time doesn't mean it's a faulty concept. Microsoft was moving in the right direction. Their real problem is they come up with great concepts but lack the imagination to utilize them. But that still puts them far ahead of the majority of companies incapable of coming up with the concept to begin with.

andibandit605d ago (Edited 605d ago )

Why is Captain Cook getting so many disagrees?

DarXyde605d ago

I thought we were done with all this power of the cloud stuff, honestly.

I don't doubt it can do some big things, but it is a matter of whether or not it's actually ready yet.

I'm really sick of the theoretical talk. Just prove how much of a game changer it is and stop hyping it up already. In this case, it's EA, but the next time Microsoft talks about it, there really needs to be substance. I imagine Scarlett will be better equipped to handle it and do far more than Xbox One did... but let's see.

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SamPao606d ago

To this day. Nothing comes even close to 2009s Red Faction Guerilla!
All hail the power of the cloud!!
Oh wait....nope not needed.

Hardiman606d ago

That's why I'm excited for next gen because we're getting more CPU power and I can't wait to see what devs do with it! Guerrilla is the standard at this point. I've seen nothing since that has that level of destruction.

xander70769605d ago

Exactly, and Guerilla was LAST GEN. "Cloud computing" is not necessary for good destruction physics. The power is already there, it was there last gen, it is here now, it will be here in spades for next gen. I hope people realize this kind of hype is just to condition you to want always-online games. That's the real sales pitch here.

Crazyglues606d ago (Edited 606d ago )

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Remastered with the power of the cloud, with today's graphics.. "Oh My God," just thinking about What that could look like gives me goose bumps.... :)

DICE please for crying out loud... please make that game..

execution17606d ago

I miss the days of collapsing a house an enemy squad

Crazyglues606d ago

Yeah, indeed- those were like the best times... sniper in that building, "bring the whole thing down"... LoL

Muzikguy605d ago (Edited 605d ago )

Lol, I've heard that before.

chrono1205605d ago

You need to try Crackdown 3 and the power of the cloud wait nevermind.

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bloop606d ago

Yep, I think we've heard all this somewhere before. Less of the talk.....

TheRealTedCruz605d ago

This is a third party developer talking on the potential of the tech.

It's not a sales pitch from the company internal.

It's legitimately just a 3rd party company stating a potential of the tech.

sander9702606d ago

Ah Yes comrades welcome to our commune here at EA games where your hard earned money and time will be used to improve your lives! Eventually...

Hardiman606d ago

It's always eventually isn't it! I prefer more substance than talk. Thank god we have companies who actually still focus on games.

iagainsti120605d ago

They already kind of did this with waves in Battlefield 4 so its not that far fetched as long as they keep it to big set pieces.

AnubisG606d ago

Is EA trying to brake the record of most nonsense said in a day by a company?🤣

RememberThe357606d ago

I'm starting to think they're some kind of ponzi scheme.

JustTheFax605d ago

That doesn't even make sense.

TheRealTedCruz605d ago

Ah yes. Another day on N4G; where your average day gamer has the more valuable information than industry insiders.

AnubisG605d ago

Because all the choices EA has made in the past 10 years are so great and they obviously know what's best just like google.

Why aren't you playing on your Stadia instead of wasting your time here on N4G on an "average day gamer"?

sizeofyou605d ago (Edited 605d ago )

Laggy destruction.
We all need a pause while on screen damage and physics are calculated in a country 000s of miles away from where you're playing...

TheRealTedCruz605d ago

Other than me not owning a Stadia, and the fact EA has released bad (and good) games; that still having nothing to do with having more insight in the inner workings of the industry than either of us ... what's your point?

AnubisG605d ago

My point is that you believe what these people say even though we actually do know better. Just like with Stadia. The "powah of the cloud" has been talked about for years and it's nowhere near to the point where they say it can be. Real world destruction? You actually believe that BS?

We can't get a multiplayer game without lag and they want us to believe that they will five us real world destruction over the internet. Hahahahahahahahaha.

TheRealTedCruz604d ago (Edited 604d ago )

I never said I necessarily believed what they said. I hate the arrogance of people disregarding company insiders as if they know better; all the while genuinely not knowing a thing of what's going on in the background.

We've heard on the cloud all generation. That didn't pan out. That's a known point of interest. All the same, a third party in the industry is speaking positively on it at a time we're moving into a new console generation. Don't you feel, on a logical level alone, that that statement holds more weight than you self-assured cynicism?

I do.

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Shikoku606d ago

Yeah we've heard this before.

UnholyLight605d ago

Kind of like how even Bad Company games had better destruction than the OMG *Levelution* in next gen games that came after it like BF4

TheRealTedCruz605d ago

Wouldn't say better. Different, maybe. The way the game was designed, it took into account that they wanted to generally demolish walls/houses etc. They also did this through a giant cloud of smoke, where the game essentially deleted the asset in the background. BF3 and 4 did this on a more visceral level, but treated it less as a mechanic. The games were designed around all this though.

UnholyLight604d ago

@TheRealTedCruz. Fair point I suppose! You know what I mean though maybe my memories of those games are diluted and not as cool as I remember it to be. Yes BF4 had destructive buildings and stuff too, but a lot there just wasn't the level of destruction I wish they could have. Maybe that's a next gen thing!

solideagle605d ago

wait a minute, am I the only one who is reading it like

Cloud computing will destroy EA's dice like real life :)

KickSpinFilter606d ago

YES Just like Crackdown 3 can't wait!