"Go and make the best game that you possibly can" – How Microsoft is helping to evolve Wasteland 3

"Microsoft hasn't changed what game we are making at The most noticeable of these changes comes by way of the addition of voice-acting. Wasteland 2 was heavily praised because of its writing, it was a sharply penned RPG that brought a world defined by its quirks and dark humour to life. That's still at the heart of Wasteland 3, only now it has been vocalised – something that simply wouldn't have been possible before, as InXile worked with a modest budget and development timeframe. "We have hundreds of thousands of lines of dialogue in this game. That's not something... we wouldn't have had the physical resources to be able to voice all of that at all without Microsoft," Campbell continues. "Microsoft has come in and just made Wasteland 3 better. And that's an easy thing that I can point to, right, but it has been across the board."

"Microsoft has just been saying, 'do what you do, and do it better than before.' They don't want to change this game. They want InXile to be quirky and unique; they want Wasteland 3 to have dark humour, they just want to make it a better game – it's been really exciting to be involved in."

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gangsta_red1286d ago

That's good to hear. That first party money kicking in!

I really enjoyed Wasteland 2 and my only issue with the game was how short it was. Hoping 3 is longer.

lelo2play1285d ago

Wasteland 2 was a good game. Wasteland 3 has everything to be better...

ElementX1285d ago

I put 80 hours into Wasteland 2, I wouldn't consider it a short game.

gangsta_red1285d ago

I guess I should say I wish it was longer.

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Sm00thNinja1285d ago

I really feel like Microsoft is going to MAKE A HUGE LEAP next generation. They've hopefully learned a lot from their thrashing from Sony this gen. Only a fool can honestly say Microsoft isn't making the right moves heading into the next generation

Automatic791285d ago


I been saying for a while how people are underestimating Team Xbox. It's easy to forget how Team Xbox put there all to build up the [email protected] program, Game Preview, Crossplatform play, mixer, acquisitions of Xbox Studios, build new studio from ground up, Xbox GamePass and now next step to deliver the most diverse lineup and the most games they ever delivered on Xbox.

Sorry to see so many negative comments. Looking forward to what team Xbox brings.

Sm00thNinja1285d ago

Agreed. Xbox really does offer a lot. I know this is unpopular opinion but I honestly hope Google puts more effort into the Stadia and becomes a force. The more games the merrier

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SinisterKieran1285d ago

Haha lol and other companies go “make the worst game possible” right?

nibblo1285d ago

Well all companies publicly say "Make the best game possible" and then some privately say to the devs "but with less money and time". It sounds like this isn't what is happening here but the proof will be in the pudding when Wasteland 3 is delivered and we can see what improvements, if any, have been made over the last 2 games.

akbennyewu1285d ago

They do say, "Anthem is releasing on February 22, make the game as functional as possible"

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