Dose: FIFA 09 Review


"Enough with the "impossible factor". What's the "impossible factor" you ask? There comes a point in most sports games where something that wouldn't happen in the real sport happens and it makes you exclaim "That's friggin' impossible!" and throw your controller at the TV. Maybe it's when a journeyman midfielder on a relegation-fighting team manages to weave through a world class squad's defense (without passing) as if he were Pele, or, you know, something just as embarrassing and infuriating. This nitpick isn't reserved for FIFA alone (in Madden '09, for instance, it's when the Bears' Rex Grossman somehow completes more than 50 per cent of his passes), as much as it is a general complaint about all sports games. We suppose it's something developers are probably looking to eliminate, too, so we won't dwell on it too much. But still...
This incarnation of FIFA really makes the "beautiful game" beautiful, as EA improves gameplay, adds new (and excellent) features and beefs up the online content. Were it a goal, FIFA '09 would be, as they say, a "cracker".

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