New Sony Patent Reveals How User Generated Content Ranks On PS5

Sony Interative Entertainment has filed a new patent that tells us more about the reported PlayStation Assistant, mainly about ranking user content on PS5.

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solideagle127d ago

I dont understand its always Sony patents posted here.
what about other companies? do they not disclose it?

1nsomniac127d ago

Because for the most part N4G is run by Sony Social media PR dept and any publicity is good publicity.

127d ago
leoms127d ago

In your ignorant opinion you mean.

rpvenom127d ago

Whatever helps you sleep at night

If you want to make a wild statement.. I'll make one too but more likely to be true... maybe because Sony is always first to create new things and innovate and drive for more advancement while companies like Microsoft recycle and find ways to simply make more money versus actual good innovations and games?

127d ago
rainslacker127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

It is? Funny. Coolbeans seems to lean towards Xbox. Chris seems more Xbox or PC, but open to all platforms. Other mods never show up much anymore, but the ones I do know used to be more Xbox or PC last gen. I'm actually having a hard time thinking of a single N4G mod who would be considered a hardline Sony fan, much less this site being run by Sony's social media PR dept considering the number of negative articles we see about Sony. I mean, what's the last Sony produced game we've seen that hasn't had some sort of downgrade claim or controversy attached to it, or things like Death Stranding which said how everything was mixed reviews, or bad, despite the reviews being overwhelmingly positive? Was it Sony's PR machine which allowed for a few years of Sony being ostracized by the media for their apparent stance on cross play...because that was such good publicity for them wasn't it?

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Silly gameAr127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

It is weird that it's always Sony patents. Seems like someone doesn't want any surprises that might be cool when Sony actually decides to announce something new.

This way, anyone in the know will already have an idea of what might be coming and ruin the surprise. That's just how I see it, anyway.


Yeah, that must be it. Why not do what every one else does on N4G, and have shills writing about how awesome and successful they are,and how they are going to dominate everything. When's the last time you've seen an article like that from the so called Sony Social Media PR dept? If that's the case, Sony needs to fire their PR dept, and hire MS and Nintendo's.

Pancit_Canton127d ago

Because Sony Innovates, while others.....

ImGumbyDammit127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Yeah innovates Toio. Loved that last one everyone jumped on (cartridges) people declaring it was obviously a way replaceable drives on the PS5 would work or a new way to sell physical games on the PS5. When it really was for a child's toy Sony makes. Most patents never go anywhere. By the way, Microsoft had almost a thousand more patents then Sony in 2018. And IBM has more then both Sony and Microsoft put together. Again most never go anywhere. As for Microsoft and Sony they often have similar patents related for gaming. For example, everyone here got all excited about Sony's new hepatic/adjustable force feedback controller patent released a few months back. But, in December 2018 Microsoft had already posted had a similar patent for a hepatic/force feedback in a controller. Sony has released many patents just on VR related ideas that have gone nowhere. As has Microsoft with their own alternative game play ideas.

You really don't want to get in tit for tat who did what first. It often doesn't end well.

Apocalypse Shadow127d ago

Looks like user generated content will be big on PS5 with users helping other users in games and the assistant looking for the best videos or pictures that have the right answer.

And, user generated games such as Dreams. Maybe they'll bring back games like Mod Nation Racers or new IPs that allow users to create content for others to see, play and share.

PS5 might be an even more user generated machine than PS4 is.