Halo: Reach For PC/Xbox One Will Have 6.2 Million Maps On Launch Day

Following multiple testing periods, Halo: Reach is officially launching on PC and Xbox One on December 3, and it's going to have a lot of multiplayer maps to choose from. Microsoft confirmed in a blog post that on launch day, Halo: Reach will have a pool of 6.2 million maps available to download and play.

The figure is so massive because it includes "legacy" maps made by the community for the original versions of Halo 3, Halo: Reach, and Halo 4 that have been brought over.

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Neonridr1285d ago

Wow, that's incredible. Griffball anyone?

Fishy Fingers1285d ago

£6.99 for Reach. £29.99 for the collection.

1285d ago
Wasabi1285d ago


2 questions Fishy, as you seem to be in the know.

If I already own the collection, do I get Reach for free?
If I already own the 360 version of Reach is it upgraded via BC?

Donnie811278d ago

Fragnum....... no you gotta pay for it or it’s part of gamepass if you have that. I gladly shelled out the 8.99 for it