Concept Art from Playground Games’ RPG Allegedly Surface

SG: "A fresh rumor to stir on today comes courtesy of an artist who reportedly has released a few concept art images from Playground Games upcoming RPG."

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Obscure_Observer1666d ago


These artworks are AMAZING! If true, the attention to detail in this game is gonna be STUNNING!

And they want the female main caracther to look like Anne Hathaway??? <3

I also loved the more serious/realistic tone for this game!

Playground Games might be crafting an EPIC RPG Masterpiece!

Gazondaily1666d ago

You got all that from the artwork?

Obscure_Observer1666d ago


"You got all that from the artwork?"



I got most of my impressions based on this particular one which gives us valiable references:


Gazondaily1666d ago

Wtf does God of War's artwork have to do with this lol? With GoW, they showed off the game beforehand.

I wouldn't get too carried away with some artwork and declaring a masterpiece in the works.

Obscure_Observer1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )


"Wtf does God of War's artwork have to do with this lol? With GoW, they showed off the game beforehand."

God of War's artworks leaked before the official announcement/reveal!


"I wouldn't get too carried away with some artwork and declaring a masterpiece in the works."

You got a point. These aren´t official artworks, because if real, it´s clearly violation of NDA.

Gazondaily1665d ago

Oh my bad. I didn't realise GoWs artwork leaked before the reveal. Okay you can get excited :P

Zeref1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

This is just concept art and it's not even necessarily resembling the game.

It was made as part of a brief that Playground made for concept artists to get hired. This is one of the ones submitted.

That said, this art style does look a lot like Fable 3.

monkey6021665d ago

Wow that's a stretch of ambition from character concept sheet of all things. I like the idea of Playground doing an open world rpg and can't look forward to seeing what they've got but temper those hopes pal.

monkey6021665d ago

Okay I don't know what happened there but I didn't mean to say can't. I think I was trying to say can't wait and then said look forward to.... anyway I am actually excited to see what they do. They've earned my optimism as a developer.

RpgSama1665d ago


Why are you always so hyper? Everything is an 11/10 with you.

gangsta_red1665d ago

Yeah, people shouldn't get excited over things they like or are anticipating.

LMosche1665d ago

Looks cartoonish. Disappointing especially after one of Playgrounds devs made fan art of Berserk.

Ceaser98573611664d ago

Is it the rumored FABLE game?? Never played Fable so would def love to give it a try

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nucky641664d ago

obscure observer - you're kidding, right?

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Relientk771665d ago

This looks like Assassin's Creed but you're also a maid, killing people and cleaning up the house.

spicelicka1665d ago

Was waiting for someone to make a killer maid game!

gangsta_red1665d ago

I hope these are true and make it into the game.

Looks really cool

RememberThe3571665d ago

Could be the main character no? If this really is a Fable reboot, I'll be hyped. Fable always gets to me.

gangsta_red1665d ago

Or could be a main NPC, hopefully it is apart of the Fable reboot.

It definitely needs a do over after part 3.

RememberThe3571665d ago

True, either way I already like the character design and I hope that carries over to the environments and animations, as well. Definitely gives off some Fable feels, even if it ends up being something different. Love me some whimsical fantasy!

1665d ago
annoyedgamer1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Please allow character creator...