Rumor: Super Metroid Remake and Metroid Prime Trilogy HD are coming to Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo is reportedly getting two new Metroid games, with Super Metroid Remake and Metroid Prime Trilogy HD allegedly coming to the console within the next two fiscal years.

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Snookies12263d ago

Good lord let this be true! Prime Trilogy is an instant buy, and a Super Metroid remake would be incredible! If it does happen, I hope they remake Metroid Fusion afterwards. I think I played that one more than Super Metroid honestly.

Hardiman263d ago

Fusion was awesome but did you play Zero Misson? It came out about the same time as Fusion but was a remake of the original Metroid.

Snookies12263d ago

Zero Mission was wonderful as well. I just really miss the old 2D viewpoint of the Metroid series. I mean, don't get me wrong. the Prime games were excellent. They just have a different feel is all, when compared to the older titles.

NecrumOddBoy263d ago

Metroid 2 should get polished and ported.

Ratchet75262d ago

I ve been playing both of them on my smartphone via an emulator and they are both amazing.
Fusion is my favorite and I would say better than super metroid.

bouzebbal262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

Lol more ports... Let them disagrees rain ☔ from the pigeons..

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Hardiman263d ago

Hells yea man! I think it'd be awesome if the did it in 2D but with 3D modeled characters and backgrounds! Kinda like the New Super Mario Bros was.

Absonite263d ago

Metroid 2 remake was on 3DS btw.

Kavorklestein262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

I never Got a 3ds. But I would get this and all the metroid games on switch. I think the switch is for a more open audience. 3ds always just felt too gimmicky to me to buy one. And 2ds looked like a thin slice of cake/pie so I didnt want one of those either

Hardiman263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

That'd be freaking awesome! I remember around 02 or 03 when Prime, Fusion and Zero Misson(remake of the NES game) and it was an awesome time to be a Metroid fan! A remake of Super Metroid would be very welcome!

I played Fusion and Zero Misson on my GBA Player that fit under the GameCube. I loved that little accessory because I never liked small screens so playing all the Super Mario Bros on my big screen was awesome at the time!

gangsta_red263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

They should really do a remake of Metroid Fusion and Metroid 2 along with Super Metroid.

That would be fantastic and an instant buy from me.

... along with an actual Switch.

mynameisthumper263d ago

well, MercurySteam already made a remake of Metroid 2, and iirc the game has a tease for a fusion remake in it...

Araragifeels 263d ago

I honestly didn't like the design/engine of Metroid 2 remake. But I am hoping that Metroid Fusion remake is been work on right now.

After10Ben263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

Don't know why you got downvotes. Not everyone has a switch yet, and anyone who jumps on board at any time is cool in my book. EDIT: oh, it's probably because there is already a metroid 2 remake on 3ds, but I assumed you meant an HD remake, which would be cool too.

gangsta_red263d ago

Yeah, I say remake the whole thing specifically for Switch if possible.

Kavorklestein262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

I agree. This would make me finally get a switch for sure. Never cared for 3ds as to me, the 3ds didnt have broad appeal like the switch does. "3D" just felt gimmicky to pay for. I'd rather normal 2d... but then they made the 2ds- with smaller screens and it looked re-fukkin-tarded... like a thin slice of Cake or Pie.
No thanks

ZeekQuattro263d ago

The Prime trilogy for Switch was rumored not long after the Prime 4 tease. It's most likely long done and Nintendo is just sitting on it for whatever bizarre reason. As for a Super Metroid remake I'd really like that. That's the first Metroid I ever played.

JRobes262d ago (Edited 262d ago )


addictedtochaos262d ago

Bandai Namco was working on Prime 4. Development was scrapped and the project was restarted with Retro Studios, they were not hired by Nintendo as they are owned by Nintendo.

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