Samsung’s SSDs could be employed by the next-gen Sony PS5 console

Over the past month or so, there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 next-gen console, particularly in regards to storage mediums and how SSDs will improve the next generation. What does this have to do with Samsung, you may ask? Well, it turns out that Samsung might be Sony’s SSD supplier for the PS5.

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Jin_Sakai133d ago

It’s crazy how fast NVMe SSDs are. The only downside is price and they run hot.

cwhit122133d ago

hopefully, they add a heatsink to the SSD to fix the heat

cwhit122133d ago

how am i drunk, NVMe has options for heatsinks like the WD Black SN750 like i have.

Neonridr132d ago

the motherboards have a heatsink specifically for the NVMe boards. At least mine does.

133d ago
Neonridr132d ago

prices are coming down and plenty of higher end motherboards offer a heatsink for at least the first NVMe slot.

darthv72133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

The use of NVME or even M.2 means the drives prob wont be user replaceable. So it looks like any sort of expandable storage is going to come from USB C, unless they decide to keep a SATA connector for internal expansion (Sony more so than MS)

RevXM133d ago

Sata and usb 3 wont cut it for the ps5 games. It would pretty much have to be an external pci slot and proprietary cartridges.

Going by the information we have got the drive speed for the ps5 is going to be a lot faster than both the current sata and usb standards. Sata and usb will be fine for ps4 games though.

RevXM133d ago

I dont think so. The consoles will have faster ssds than what is "mainstream" now and they will raise the bar as games will be designed to take advantage of the speed. Until now the lowest common denominator has been hardrives but it wont be any more as the next gen systems land. Most games are "console" games and most pc gamers will have to uppgrade their drives within a couple years probably if they want to keep up with the latest games and run them properly. The whole point of the ps5 spiderman demo was to show the potential for not only loading times but streaming of data/assets as well. The current usb and sata standard are way to slow to even kind of keeping up. Its not a 5-10% difference. Its probably more like a 3-4 times difference compared to current sata ssd's...


They will be using m2 nvme ssd (possibly the pcie version). It will help with loading things to memory (loading times), but nvme is not faster than ram. Games already load things to memory and nvme is already available on pc. It will be a huge difference coming from 5400rpm hdd though.

OB1Biker133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Wait a min. Is that actually a ps5 then? (Of course they dont know what it looks like yet so that's the shape of a ps4)

DarXyde133d ago

I have an external Samsung T5 SSD.

If this is true, Sony is in good hands.

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The story is too old to be commented.