UK Charts: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is back at No.1 as Nintendo Switch conquers top ten

Shenmue III debuts at No.17 and Football Manager 2020 comes in at No.16.

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EddieNX 333d ago

Nintendo are so much more efficient with one hybrid console instead of a home AND handheld console.

Switch was a master stroke.

Neonridr333d ago

it's always been a problem for Nintendo to ensure that both their handheld and home console had enough focus and a healthy enough library. Sadly with the Wii U receiving next to no 3rd party support it left glaring holes in their lineup since their first party offerings could only come so fast. The 3DS enjoyed a fairly healthy library due to the abundance of 3rd party exclusives. That being said, now that they are together and with more 3rd party devs on board than have been in a long time, the library is really starting to blossom. This should be another great holiday season for Nintendo.

Sono421333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

And they still support the 3DS too! I mean just look at Sword and Shield! wait... whats that? Those are Switch games?!? wait what? That's the HIGHEST GROSSING FRANCHISE OF ALL TIME?! Wow... never would have guessed by looking at them..

but wait there's MORE?! They cost almost double the price of the old games but have much less content!? Okay now I flat out don't believe this... I mean this is Nintendo we're talking about sure they don't own all of Pokemon but surely they wouldn't let this slide.... oh this is all true? AND Gamefreak cut over half of all Pokemon and lied about why they did it? Whats that you say? The game overall just lacks polish with many glaring flaws and terrible animations?! But I thought this was the highest grossing franchise of ALL TIME?! Wow, well at least i'm sure they stopped the scummy practice of releasing 2 slightly different versions of the game just to double dip on sales of hardcore fans.. I mean it's blatantly taking advantage of their loyal fans, there's no way they would keep doing that... oh, nvm.

Oh and the gimmick for this game is that Pokemon get big? Wow I can't believe all of that is absolute fact, that's crazy, there's no way a bunch of people will buy this game, and with performance issues and lack of polish surely this game won't review well.

Oh.... it still sold like crazy and reviewed well? Huh.................... that's pretty sad, it's almost like Pokemon "fans" like being taken advantage of.

Seriously though when it comes to Pokemon there is such a huge bias it is mind boggling, if all other series were held to the standard of Pokemon, almost every series would review 9-10/10

septemberindecember333d ago

I feel like your reply was irrelevant to his comment. He doesn't even mention Pokemon.

Also, Pokemon Sword/Shield aggregated an 81% on Meta. That isn't a 9-10/10.

Sono421333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

@Spetember He mentions the fact it is a hybrid and allows them to completely focus on the switch, I poke fun at this statement by saying they still support the 3DS with Sword and Shield, referencing how poor the games look visually.

While it is true he doesn't mention Pokemon specifically, it is clearly the highlight of this article as both Pokemon games are Nintendo's highest sellers.

lastly I never said Pokemon was rated 9-10/10 I said if every other series was held to the same standard as Pokemon, they would almost all be reviewed 9-10/10 the meaning is completely different.

King_Noctis333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

“ Those are Switch games?!? wait what?”

You’re kidding yourself if you think Sword/Shield could run on the 3DS.

“ That's the HIGHEST GROSSING FRANCHISE OF ALL TIME?! Wow... never would have guessed by looking at them.. ”

Honestly dude, are you new to gaming or something? Do you even know the history of Pokemon at all and why it become so successful?

Sono421332d ago

Actually you're right, they aren't 3DS games, the 3DS games had more content and the price was almost half.
But sorry you're right, it cant run on the 3DS, the game looks more like an N64/Gamecube game, I'll be more accurate next time.

Also yes I know the history, do you? Pokemon started as a game, with a spin off anime and card game. Now the roles have changed, more effort is put into the anime and card game than the actually video game series that started it all, sad.

septemberindecember331d ago

"the game looks more like an N64/Gamecube game, I'll be more accurate next time."

The games graphics aren't great for a switch game, but this is essentially a troll. The game looks better than a GameCube game, or a Wii game for that matter. To even attempt to make the claim that it looks like an N64 game is ludicrous. Quit spreading your vitriol around, it isn't constructive.

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patrick1333d ago

If we're accounting for Sword and Shield separately, then of course they won't be number 1. As far as i'm concern if you put the sales together they would be number 1, which is dominating.

Sono421333d ago

but... they're supposed to be 2 separate games, why would you even think of combining their totals together?

patrick1333d ago

2 different versions of what's essentially the same game. I'm not sure why someone would subject themselves to purchasing both.

Teflon02333d ago

But that's not relevant, they're still 2 different games. People buy double packs for themselves. Which accounts for 2 sales etc. that's not right if you're calling that 1 entity. PS. my cousin was one of them. You'kk be surpriced

Knushwood Butt333d ago

It's a sly strategy to boost sales and they've done it so often now it's been accepted as the norm.


King_Noctis333d ago

“ It's a sly strategy to boost sales and they've done it so often now it's been accepted as the norm.“

So what do you think about the special edition, deluxe edition, or the ultra duper rare edition from other games?

Monster_Tard333d ago

Its accepted as the norm because they started doing it at time when online gaming wasn't great, it was used as an incentive to get players to interact. Though I do think they should do away with the 2 version thing now, It wasn't seen as a greedy move back then.

Sono421333d ago

Exactly my point patrick, they are the same game, with very minor differences, why is this still a practice in 2019?

Sono421332d ago (Edited 332d ago )


Were you actually being serious with that comparison? God I hope not, but just in case you were...
Special/Collector's/ whichever one you go with, is ALWAYS you spending more money than you have to to get more content. Collector's edition usually adds some sort of physical object so they usually cost way more than a special edition, so that comparison isn't even close to accurate...

However I am glad you brought up special editions because those ARE very similar, at least you could recognize that.. Special Editions usually cost anywhere from $10-$20 more than the base game, but usually come with some bonus in game items, or maybe a mode or something, as well as the game's soundtrack, and if you get the physical it usually comes with an artbook and a steelbook case. Now let's compare that to what GameFreak does with Pokemon.....

They put about $5-$10 worth of content exclusive to each game... but in order to access this miniscule amount of content, instead of paying $10-$20 for a special edition, you are forced to..... BUY THE GAME AGAIN. Honesty it is so shocking you actually brought this up as a point, it goes against you in every way shape and form.

Seriously try to use a little bit of critical thinking instead of blindly defending this scummy practice.

Knushwood Butt332d ago

@ Sono421


Why stop there? Why not 3 versions?

Pokemon Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Coming soon...

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro333d ago

Top selling game of the week sells like 20k physical copies in the UK. It's a pretty irrelevant market. Why does its sales numbers always get posted?

King_Noctis333d ago

Which other markets beside the US and Japan that can sell as much?

TargusX333d ago

Football manager - *pukes*... UK is so chavy.

Gordoncordon333d ago

call of duty being number 1 in something that's not being shit is pretty sad