Def Jam Icon demo due Thursday

This Thursday will see the release of a single player Def Jam: Icon demo onto the Xbox Live Marketplace, allowing gamers to take control of one of two available fighters on the Gas Station level.

The two fighters available in the demo will be Big Boi or T.I., who we presume are famous Def Jam artists, although can't be sure as we haven't listened to hip-hop with any degree of conviction since that whole G-Funk thing.

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MattyTM4908d ago

Never been fond of the Def Jam games will be good to see if they have change my views come the demos release...

Havince4908d ago

Thats tomorrow, i saw a video of tis running lastnight, the interactive environments are ace, and should make for a good single player story, i loved the single player in FFNY. Im a bit worried about the multiplayer, will it be 4 player online ??????/ FFNY was 4 player i know it wasnt online but thigs havemoved on since then. Im looking forward 2 seeing next gen models of famous rappers. should be sweet