ZTGD Review: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

ZTGD: Before tackling some of the early Naruto games I honestly had no idea who this character was. Making the leap from the pages of manga all the way into gaming consoles this wacky ninja character has become one of the yearly staples of the industry. In the beginning most of the Naruto titles were straight one-on-one fighting games, but lately companies such as Namco Bandai and Ubi-Soft have gone the action/adventure route and given players the ability to roam around Hidden Leaf Village and complete quest for various residents. Ultimate Ninja Storm is a combination of both of these methods combined with some of the most impressive visuals in an anime game yet, easily making this the best incarnation for the series to date.

+ Incredibly lush visuals
+ Battle Mode is a blast
+ Great selection of characters
- Mission Mode can get tedious
- Massive install time
- Unlocking characters can only be done in Mission Mode ZTG

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