Pokémon Sword & Shield: Not Including Voice Acting Was A Mistake

Game Freak’s release of Pokémon Sword & Shield has been a commercial and critical success so far, but that is not to say that the game is perfect.

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Kados674d ago

Everything about Sword & Shield screams half baked rush job. If this is the best Gamefreak can manage, they should just go back to 3DS exclusives.

telekineticmantis673d ago

I can't stand reading a whole bunch text dialogue in games, it's why I quit playing Yakuza.

FallenAngel1984674d ago

Sheesh even Dragon Quest makes Pokemon look so archaic in various ways

PlayableGamez-674d ago

I had someone on Twitter tell me that Dragon Quest 11 is graphically on par if not worse looking than Pokemon S&S.

PhoenixUp674d ago

Get your eyes fixed or actually look these things up yourself before you let others just tell you things

telekineticmantis673d ago

Huh, Dragon Quest 11? Are we looking at the same games???

TheGamez100674d ago

Pokemon definitely needs to evolve like dq11 and monster hunter world. Such popular titles that sell millions and yet the games grow very little with each new release. Gamefreak needs to wake up already. Take that huge risk.

FallenAngel1984674d ago

@ Play

Are you blind or just too lazy to see how wrong that statement is?

PlayableGamez-674d ago (Edited 674d ago )

Pokemon Fanboys will be like: "Oh you expect Game Freak to like pay for voice actors voice bro? The Switch is like not powerful enough to handle voice actors bro. Can you not read bro and imagine the voice acting yourself? Bro Pokemon has traditionally never had voice acting. Bro voice acting doesn't affect like the gameplay so you don't need it."

No exaggeration.

King_Noctis674d ago

Go play some games dude. Your obsession with this game is becoming unhealthy.

Rachel_Alucard674d ago

You have some time with the game until you beat it. After that, reality sets in and you realize there's nothing to do after that, then set arbitrary goals that don't help you outside of competitive. Most players would've gone around finding legendaries, but all the legendaries like mew are locked to an accessory, the other version of the game, or trading, but you can't even do that with Wonder Trade being axed.

lellkay674d ago (Edited 674d ago )

100% agree it should have had voice acting.

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