Battle Chasers: Nightwar console sales were the best on Switch, "raced past" PS4 and Xbox One

Switch was the top-selling console for Battle Chasers: Nightwar, developer Airship Syndicate revealed to Nintendo Everything in an interview this year.

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TK-66674d ago (Edited 674d ago )

Thats genuinely surprising. Worth remembering the amount of cynicism there was about Nintendo in regards to 3rd part support on Switch, and look at them now. They've made huge progress so imagine what hey can accomplish if they're consistent with next-gen in getting 3rd party support.

gangsta_red674d ago

Been playing a little bit of this thanks to Game Pass. Solid little game from what played so far.

TricksterArrow674d ago

Less titles to compete against, I'm guessing.

NapalmSanctuary673d ago

The switch has as many games as ps4 did when it was just shy of 3 years on the market. It also has way more exclusives than ps4 did in the same time frame.