The Saints Row Series Needs to Just Die

A new Saints Row game has been announced for 2020. It's probably time for Deep Silver and Volition to just leave the series alone.

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isarai576d ago

Speak for yourself, GTA V while an amazing technical achievement, went too far into "realism" and killed a lot of the fun the series once had. Now that saints row is being teased, im more excited than ive ever been for a saints row game and i LOVED 1&2 (and to a lesser extent liked 3).

FlyingFoxy576d ago

I think Vice City, San Andreas and the stories games had the best vehicle feel and physics etc for fun, like being able to stand on top of cars and even flip them over.

In Saints Row I found it really tough to flip cars, it was almost as if the road was magnetic pulling the car down.

isarai576d ago (Edited 576d ago )

Yeah vehicle physics were never saints rows strong suit, hopefully the new one is better

SephirothX21576d ago

Are you joking? Gta iv had the best vehicle physics. Gta v was huge fun and wasn't too realistic. It got the balance right. What gta needs is better AI and shooting and more open.mossions. the missions are too short, linear and too many checkpoints. Same with rdr2.

There is room for saints row. There's not enough gta-like games. Look at all the dogs and shooters but there's few franchises similar to GTA so more the better because currently there's nothing in that genre that comes close to competing with Rockstar.

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Psychotica576d ago

Went to far in realism?? No such thing imo..

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Profchaos575d ago

GTA v went to far back into ludicrous territory while going for realism the ability to control your cars angles in the air was just a bad design choice.

GTA IV was way more realistic imo

isarai575d ago

You could always control the angles of your car since GTA III, and while in some aspects you're right, in others not so much, why does the character automatically go ragdoll if the ground is more than 20ft below them even if the gap im jumping is only like 1ft wide, why is there so much damn fall damage when i land in water, why cant i stand in a moving vehicle unless it's specifically a flatbed truck or train, why do bodies/ people barely move or react to gunshots compared the GTA IV even though they have the same euphoria tech and BULLETS physics engine, why is car deformation so damn nerfed, why does the water barely react to objects compared to IV, etc. etc.

Movefasta1993575d ago

you guys can never make up your minds, gta 4 is too realistic, gta 5 now apparently is too realistic, saint row 3 and 4 are too un realistic, the gaming community just loves crying like girls.

isarai575d ago

To be honest i was disappointed with both 4 and 5 for different reasons. They both do things that just inhibit experimentations and fun compared ti SA. To this day i still have more fun(and total hour played) messing around un SA than i ever did in 4 and especially 5. IMO the only thing V has above 4 in terms of fun is the vehicles.

Juusterey575d ago

It's almost like different people have different opinions about stuff

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blackblades576d ago

Na bruh more like these opinion articles like this needs to die.

Sm00thNinja576d ago

I think it just needs to chill with its characters which are all cringe worthy. Start fresh. The first Saints Row was fantastic

jjb1981576d ago

It just needs an overhaul.

TheSaint575d ago

This, it doesn't need to die it just needs to be better/return to form.

Leeroyw575d ago

Yeah. For me I hated the super powered sequels. No point in pimping cars or hijacking choppers when you can fly and knock shit over. It was at its best as an over the top gangster game.

Newmanator575d ago

I think they need to keep all that in just via Cheat Codes.

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