Top 5 Anti-Heroes in Gaming

BY GRANT TAYLOR: Let’s face it, modern media and entertainment has given us a knack for truly appreciating the ‘good guy’, whether it be a superhero, a romantic fool, or a righteous warrior on the path of vengeance. A character being instilled with defined traits of morality, courage, justness or unwavering loyalty are usually the key indicators that a good guy is… Well, a good guy.

Typically, they’ll be cookie-cutter superheroes, like Captain America or Spider-man. Alternatively, they can come from mythology, such as the Greek legends of Achilles or Perseus. Let’s not forget the very real heroes that have existed in our world: Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, or Mother Teresa, as examples.

However, a character type that can often outclass the typical hero in terms of sheer entertainment value or written ability is the anti-hero. These are a breed that are often found with wavering morality, willing to do the damage that a good guy won’t. They’ll be able to make sacrifices in the blink of an eye or use dirty tactics to achieve their goals.

Read on to find out about my top five anti-heroes in the video games that I’ve played… Beware of spoilers!

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TGG_overlord572d ago

Caleb from the "Blood" series is nr 1 in my book at least.

dnAWE572d ago

I normally don't do this but how pathetic can this article be. Let's not put TLOU's Joel in there. He's not an anti-hero at all...