Does Anyone Want A Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter Game?

"Knowing how developers work, don't be surprised if you do see Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter cross over at some point," writes Sergio Pereira.

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chrisx331d ago

I think it would be really cool if done well. but street fighter characters gotta have fatalities too, if not don't bother.

NecrumOddBoy331d ago

This. MK vs DC was garbage. The two worlds just don't work together and the fatalities were lame as hell.

NotoriousWhiz330d ago

Mortal Kombat vs The Boys would make a lot more sense.

Immagaiden331d ago

Still waiting on Tekken X Street Fighter

gangsta_red330d ago

No, MK is more focused on extreme violence and SF just wouldn't fit in.

Give me another Capcom vs SNK.

Or even better KoF x SF x Tekken!

ApocalypseShadow330d ago

I have to agree. Capcom/SNK would be great. Now that both are in 3D, how come it hasn't happened yet?

Even Sam Sho characters are 3D now so we could have a Sam Sho vs Soul Calibur. That would be great.

SickSinceSix330d ago

There's a Sam Sho character as dlc for Soul Calibur VI, so it's definitely possible

darthv72329d ago

Seeing as there have been two Capcom vs SNK and only one SNK vs Capcom... I'd much like to see a SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos 2

Teflon02330d ago

no tekken. The problem is Tekken doesn't play in a similar style to SF. SFvs KOF is the best cross over. Tekken vs Soul Cal or something would make more sense. Maybe Virtua Fighter, Or DoA. MK just doesn't work with these games, it's too focused on Violence and also doesn't play similar mechanically.
SF and KoF aren't too far off and you don't have to make compromises. Tekken and DoA aren't too far off. Soul Cal is basically Tekken with Weapons etc.

knifefight330d ago

I've been wanting that for probably 25 years....

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The story is too old to be commented.