The Last of Us Part 2 Gets Some Lovely New Concept Art

Naughty Dog has shared some new concept artwork for The Last of Us Part 2 that also hints at a new companion in the game.

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GaboonViper256d ago

Just inject me with this, it looks like we may have a dog companion, my rage will boil over if the dog gets killed like Ellies horse from the first.

Jin_Sakai256d ago

Amazing concept art. I can only imagine how beautiful the game will be once we get our hands on it.

VerminSC256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

I ordered the one where Ellie is standing in the car.

Soft confirmation of dog companion?

MrVux000255d ago

That one with Ellie and Joel is really great.

DigitalRaptor255d ago

GOTY 2020.

I'm ready to cry unabashedly
with whatever they do to that doggo.

GaboonViper255d ago

I remember being enraged when Ellies horse was shot down and enjoyed taking revenge on David's gang of thugs, if we get a doggo companion and it gets killed I'm gonna lose it, now just the long agonising wait for release.