GTA IV DLC delayed until Spring 2009?

Speaking at a presentation at the BMO Capital Markets Conference in New York City today, Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick revealed that the highly-anticipated downloadable content for GTA IV may not make it until next Spring.

"It's close to being complete. That said, it may move into the second quarter [of 2009]," he said. "Downloadable content is a big undertaking. It is important to be really special."

Zelnick's comments reflect recent claims by Rockstar's Dan Houser in which he couldn't commit to a 2008 release.

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P3628d ago

LOL,talk about waste of development time

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Is it really??? Now??? After all this time it's been out(GTA4)???
Highly-anticipated??? Hmm...It don't seem like it.
I'm up to the 75th Mission and i find it to Long this game!!! ;-D
(Strange thing to say i know, it's Long enough i think, it's a BIG Game as it is)
Oh well;)

So DLC Means - DeLayedContent!!! ;-D

Mr PS33628d ago




Suck it up BoTs

Stryfeno23628d ago

“Downloadable content is a big undertaking. It is important to be really special.” nuff said.

PirateThom3628d ago

Yeah, because he's going to say

"The downloadable content is a joke. We took Microsoft for a ride and got away with it."

Tubby McNutsack3628d ago

Failed attempt @ spinning LMFAO! You 360 [email protected] are too much. Just die already.

ultimolu3628d ago

It would have been special in April.
But now? ...No.

MURKERR3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

its better for 360 owners to delay the dlc because all their big hitters have launched, ms have some but not many exclusives for next year,so dlc to the best selling game the year before seems desperate but trust microsoft will advertise the heck outta that badboy

thor3628d ago

The DLC is a myth. Rockstar are probably, reluctantly developing it reeeealy slowly (because they have a contract). But we haven't heard anything about it. All hype and no substance. And people say Sony show off CG trailers too much to hype their games. MS didn't even have a trailer.

ape0073628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

every diehard gta fan want

1-gta 5 ps3 exclusive
2-add more gameplay punch,make it more responsive and quick
3-more things to do

or if you think that gta got a bit old

bring back body harvest(most of you n4g gamers don't know it)

body harvest was one hell of a game,I can't really think of any other game that has the enormous potential to make a sequel than body harvest

1-open world gameplay
4-TIME TRAVEL(think about the huge potential
5-all viechles(cars,tanks,boats,hile copers,plans and even ufo's)
6-mountains,islands,temples,s ees,oceans
7-amazing mission structure
8-touch of rpg style gameplay
9-horror(can't forget siberia level,it was legendary)
10-epic boss fights

all of that was body harvest on n64,it was a forgotten gem made by dma(Rockstar north)

if rockstar north announce body harvest 2 on blu-ray(of course,it,s very huge)it will be one of the best days in my life

do it rockstar,don't worry,it will sell zillions

Tubby McNutsack3628d ago

GTA IV lol. One of the worst games I've played all year and yet it outscored every other game out there. Really sad. Biased media is here to stay it seems.

And about this DLC, I doubt anyone will still be playing this trash in 2009 unless you've got no games to play.

gaffyh3628d ago

GTA4 sucks soo bad, why would anyone want to play DLC for it? Seems like a huge waste of money for MS, most people probably won't even care when the DLC is out, I know I don't.

ape0073628d ago

all I can say that it's a waste of money ms

R forget the past and do everything again

rage engine seems to hurt games,I think that action games in general doesn't shine on rage

look at mc:la,it's not as good as mc3(which was legendary)

gameplay seems a bit dull in that new mc

is it the engine? or rockstar became crap? or blu-ray need?

I don't know?

morganfell3628d ago

50 million was not a waste of money. I said it before and I will repeat myself. The 50 million was NEVER about DLC or the fans. 360 fans need to accept when they have been used. The 50 million was an advertising campaign. The 50 million was bragging rights designed to generate sales. The sales they wanted were launch day/week/month sales. They have those.

Now the DLC is being intentionally delayed so MS can try and throw it and one or two other useless items at February where they will be buried by Killzone2. Just watch and see that DLC get announced right after Christmas. They aren't willing to say it right now due to pending holiday sales. In many people's mind that makes the DLC unimportant and irrelevant. The DLC is irrelevant but the date has nothing to do with that.

gaffyh3628d ago

@Morganfell - MS paid $10 Million for Halo 3's marketing campaign, GTA4 was described as having a Halo 3-sized marketing campaign from MS, which means the $50 million that they paid to Rockstar had nothing to do with marketing campaign.

Meaning MS paid MORE money on top of the $50 million to market GTA4, which most likely spurred on PS3 sales of the game as well lol

whoelse3628d ago

I'm playing GTA but for the Trophies ;)

morganfell3628d ago

You are being naive and looking at this as if it were simple black and white figures. It isn't.

GTA was grounded in the Playstation name. MS knew this and needed something they felt would lure people to buy it on the 360. That 50 million was ALL about bragging rights. The fact that MS had no idea what the DLC would be shows you hopw much of a pig in a poke they were buying...were it simply for DLC. But it wasn't about having Rockstar build something MS could sell later. That is the side benefit, not the main purpose.

MS blew that GTA4 DLC trumpet as loud a they could. Why? Because it was a trumpet. It was a "you should buy our version" trumpet. It was a marketing trumpet. DLC is in and of itself not meant to generate a great deal of money through DLC sales but has already served it's purpose. It was intended to generate sales of GTA4 itself. That my friend is marketing 101.

Tony P3628d ago

Agreed with Morganfell for the motive at least.

On topic, unless Rockstar reinvents the wheel with this mystery DLC, I can't see too many players making a return run to Liberty City.

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Silogon3628d ago

Microsoft needs all the help they can get next year... Look at the facts.

Halo 3 has passed
2 Gears of War games have passed
Banjo "hahahaha" and Kazooie is out; if that's even applicable
Fable 2 is out

What else do those guys have on the way? I see a sharp decline for them on hard hitting exclusive content. Face it RE5 and Tekken 6 don't have the same feel now they're both multiplatform.

poopsack3628d ago

well theres this dlc, halo 3 recon....and i guess another gears after that?

thor3628d ago

As far as people buying either a PS3 or a 360 this christmas goes... the PS3 is the better option. The 360 has nothing lined up. If you've held out for this long it probably means you're not a _huge_ fan of Halo so the "let's milk the Halo franchise" games coming out aren't going to excite you particularly.

Sony has Infamous and KZ2 leading the spring 2009 charge. God of War 3 and even possibly GT5 (don't get your hopes up about GT5 though) should come next year. Heavy Rain looks very promising also.

Tubby McNutsack3628d ago

100% correct. Sony, once again, will have the most exclusives next year (MAG, God of War 3, InFamous, Killzone 2, White Knight Chronicles, Heavy Rain, Wardevil, Gran Turismo 5, etc) while the only good looking 360 game left (apparently, since Microsoft hasn't announced anything else for 2009 other than another mediocre game from tri-Ace) is Alan Wake, a game that hasn't even been SHOWN running on the 360 hardware and yet 360 fanatics use it as a weapon against Heavy Rain, an innovative game that graphically slaughters everything else out there, Crysis and Killzone 2 included.

On topic, GTA IV sucked with PS2 graphics and frame rate problems in every version. Anybody that still plays that trash needs some new games.

ultimolu3628d ago

Well, Ninja Blade looks interesting...

GamingGeekPS33603628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

MS has nothing line up in 2009 except for Multiplat games......?

They may need GTA IV DLC in 2009...but who is playing? I bought it for PS3 and has completed I may go back and try to tackle some of the trophies...

its good to own two consoles....MS seems like they have pulled the emergency brakes for games in 2009...luckly I have a PS3 to keep me busy in 09....

3X3=9+CELL=2008/2009=owned all

ape0073628d ago


2009 is looking more promising for ps3

but still 360 has two games that makes me HUNGRY

alan wake(am a big max payn fan)

splinter cell conviction(huge splinter cell fan,sadly da sucked,chaos theory was the best of the best)

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