Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Producer Would Like to Add Muv-Luv, Fate/Grand Order, and More

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle by Arc System Works has been bringing together many popular (and obscure) franchise since its release, but Producer Toshimichi Mori hasn't cleared his list just yet.

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Abriael1406d ago

Every cell of my body is ready to see Muv-Luv in a fighting game.

theshredded1406d ago

Fate would make me buy the game.


Remedy says its Max Payne remakes are ‘a big, big project’

Remedy’s Sam Lake describes the work involved

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RaidenBlack14h ago

Currently my most anticipated Remake project

senorfartcushion4h ago

Max Payne 3 is my 2nd favourite game ever. I cannot wait for these remakes.

RedDeadLB1h ago

They aren't remaking 3 though. Only 1 & 2.

senorfartcushion58m ago

I know.

It's the style of gameplay that I like due to how much I played MP1 and mostly 3.

RaidenBlack32m ago(Edited 30m ago)

Max Payne 3 is very underrated.
I've been planning to do a second run of the game for quite a while ...
The multiplayer part was also infamous for being surprisingly really good, but was overlooked by many
Would love a remake of that as well but by R* themselves using their own RAGE engine, to have a nice contrast against Remedy's Northlight engine project. :)

banger8814h ago

I just hope they don't end up digital-only like Alan Wake 2.

-Foxtrot14h ago

I adore these games, they ooze atmosphere. I hope they are fantastic.

I wish Remedy would have done Max Payne 3, Rockstar had some amazing gun play in them but the story was just not as good. It's like they were working on a new IP and slapped Max Payne onto it, only the flashback levels felt like Max Payne. Also they went of the ending where Mona died which sucked.

I wouldn't mind if one day they did their own Max Payne 3

Dagexon4h ago

I liked the story tbh. I mean the main plot did feel very disconnected from 1 and 2 but I really liked Max's character development tbh

-Foxtrot47m ago

His development felt like it did a 180 from what was shown in Max Payne 2

isarai12h ago

I wanna see them so bad, but it'll probably be years

ApocalypseShadow8h ago

OG Max Payne redone in the best way possible would be awesome and an easy purchase. Hope they get it right.

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