User-Generated Content Is Seemingly A Huge Focus For PlayStation 5

Sony Interactive Entertainment is focusing a lot on user-generated content for PlayStation 5 and the next-generation of PlayStation Network.

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Sm00thNinja614d ago

Bring back PS HOME with VR!

Nitrowolf2614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

they should and make it the original vision they had. trophy room, stream sharing, ect ect

how great would it be if they added game streaming for demo during e3 events. Obviously downloading would be better, but itd make the space super cool

PhoenixUp614d ago

Can we see the return of LittleBigPlanet then?

isarai614d ago

This has more to do with screenshots and video clips being embedded with tags and metadata so they can be searched and found by others.

ThatArtGuy613d ago

With Dreams coming out, a new LittleBigPlanet seems unlikely; I'd love it though.

613d ago
ILostMyMind613d ago

I thought they were talking about modes.

gangsta_red613d ago

I remember mods was the rage for some time and there was talk of letting users do them for consoles. I think Bethesda had it for their game(s) but Sony put a limit on the content for their console.

Maybe like their beta crossplay program, Sony is changing their mind and being a lot more open this next gen.

SolidGamerX613d ago

Nothing about this is an indicator that its a "huge focus", its nothing more then a patent filing there are patents filed all the time that never even get used. Not saying this isn't something that may take some shape or form on PS5 but calling it a "huge focus" based on the information given in the article is a massive stretch to say the least.

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