'The PS2 is dead'

MCV: The UK industry discusses PS2's relevance – and says it's time to move on

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Kylen083626d ago

ye right the ps2 is dead, its just selling more units in japan then the xbox 360 is. There is no need to "kill" the ps2 when it got a huge userbase that grows every day. Sony is playing it smart, they are still earning alot of money from the ps2

Milky Joe3626d ago

I agree, if people are still buying it, you'd be stupid to stop selling it. They will have got production processes so perfected on it that it'll be costing them naff all and will just work away in the background raking in more and more cash.

I'm actually really impressed with how well it's still doing and how Sony made such a smart in not pulling the plug when the PS3 was released.

Bnet3433626d ago

That is true the PS2 is not dead. However I have a PS3 with BC so I skipped PS2 but still enjoy PS2 games.

Enigma_20993626d ago

for the first time in a long time, I'm GLAD I spent that $600 (I admit, it's a bittersweet feeling)

But one day... ONE DAY.. It will stop working... and I don't intend to be without my PS2 games, so I'm buying several and putting them in storage.

morganfell3626d ago

It is in Microsoft's best interest to keep the PS2 alive. The day that Sony kills it they will encourage migration to the PS3 by making Backwards Compatibility a free download for all PS3s. That will just encourage more next gen sales for Sony.

Rock Bottom3626d ago

PS2 still sells more than the PS3 or 360 in some weeks, so... No it's not dead.

Genesis53626d ago

Tell that to the 7 million people that bought one this year.

theEnemy3626d ago

PS2 Dead ? Nah..

The Xbox and Dreamcast are.

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P3626d ago

That's why it still outsells the 360 in some countries

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3626d ago

(Japan Charts 27/10 - 02/11)

PS2 = 6,800...

And LAST PLACE!!!...was...

xBox 360 = 6,300 ;-D ;-D ;-D

(M$ how EMBARRASSING!!!) ;-D

P3626d ago

Then please explain why it has the same amount of 3rd party support as the Wii

Honolulu3626d ago

well, mine isn't
It's the gaming platform I've played the most this year as well as my friends... and the year before that... and the year before that... and the year before that....

BlackCountryBob3626d ago

I like the PS2 and I am still playing through the back catalogue games on my 60GB PS3 (right now Fahrenheit) and I intended to buy a proper PS2 to make sure I could play all the games but with all that stuff about a new PS2 slim with integrated PSU (I hate power boxes) made me stop and wait for a year. I wanted the new PS2 but Sony (as they do) dragged their feet to announce that it was never gonna be released in the UK so they lost a sale by playing about and not confirming stuff.

Now I look at it and I could spend £70 on a PS2 but I might as well spend the extra £30 on a 360 arcade. Sony killed their own sales by announcing stuff, promising it for the UK (killing its market in the short term) and then quietly canning the entire thing.

Great console though, truly an icon of the industry and it will be a sad day when it goes to the console scrap heap in the sky.

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