Resident Evil 5 - New screenshots

Capcom published a set of new amazing screenshots from Resident Evil 5. Check them out.

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Cwalat3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

i'm a huge fan since RE1 was released, and i have never been this hyped for a game ever before. Albert Wesker is in the game in a way like never before ,

Resident Evil 5 , Killzone 2 , FF13 + Versus , God of war 3 , Tekken 6 , Gran Turismo 5

whoever says 2009 isn't THE year of gaming might wanna check with their doctor's...
I respectfully say to all my gaming friends: Buy this game, first day.

Kush_Reaper3626d ago

Really looking forward to Rez 5. Didn't really experience Rez 1 or 2 on the Ps but i did play Rez 3, code veronica and 4. been in love with the series ever since. Its nice to know there are still some talented devs in japan working hard to deliver us blockbusters.

Oh yeah i also played Outbreak 1 and 2, they wern't bad games actually.