The next Saints Row will be announced in 2020, Deep Silver confirms

"Saints Row is very close to our hearts, and we'll talk about it next year"

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StormLegend378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

More importantly is it going back to the roots? Or are we still gonna be a superhero president blasting aliens and slapping them with dildos?

Hardiman378d ago

I'd like to see a more old school feel myself. Really don't know what they'll choose.

isarai378d ago

Somewhere between 2 and 3 would be amazing

MajorLazer377d ago

SR 1 and especially 2 were great games. Really enjoyed SR3 too but it got a lot whackier, with SR4 turning the whackyness up to 11 and ripping off the dial.

ReVibe377d ago

I've spoken to IdolNinja on Reddit. "All he can say" is that fans of 2 are going to love their next project. Sooo....

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TheColbertinator378d ago

Hopefully it goes back to its hilarious pimps and gangsters spoofs

HusbandAndWifeGaming377d ago

Skipped an entire generation. I guess they just don't like money.

N3mzor377d ago

I guess they hoped Agents of Mayhem would pick the niche up.

Father__Merrin377d ago

saints 1 and 2 were excellent they tailed off after that

dumahim377d ago

A shame Deep Silver is involved.

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The story is too old to be commented.