Xbox Live Black Friday Game Sale 2019: Up To 85% Off

Daily Video Game writes: "Right now, Xbox Store is featuring various digital titles on sale with big savings for Xbox One as part of its Black Friday digital game sale. These digital games on sale include many AAA titles, as well as games that were just out recently with up to 85% off!"

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Brave_Losers_Unite1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Is this where only 1 item is 85% off while the average sale hovers around 15-50% off?

Those type of advertisements are so annoying

umair_s511669d ago

Some great deals to be found

Muzikguy1669d ago

I'm tired of seeing "Black Friday now" sales weeks ahead of the day because they aren't even close. Best Buy is doing it and their games are like $5 off. Come Black Friday they're going to be at least 50%

1669d ago
autobotdan1668d ago

This is a Black Friday Sale? These same exact games are on a Games with Gold sale 25 weeks a year for nearly the same exact prices. I've never seen some of these games sell for less on xbox live. Example Street Fighter 4 is always on sale for 9.99 half off. Street Fighter 4 should be a 5 or 3 dollar game in sales

1668d ago
Soulrakk1668d ago

Just in time for the big sale on consoles this Sunday.

jjb19811668d ago

Is anyone else hesitant to buy xbox games because they might come out on Game Pass?

WiiU-Dude1668d ago

No because I still like owning.


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purple1013h ago

Its Marvel vs Valorant vs Concord this summer,

3,2,1, FIGHT-


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Jin_Sakai15h ago

These are the kind of games I like. Can’t wait!

Hofstaderman14h ago

Can't wait. Can never bring myself to delete the first one off my ssd even when I need space, its that good.

purple10113h ago

I deleted it, - but re downloaded it and got another 4 jigsaw pieces yesterday!! all this news of astro made me want more. can confirm I sighed and smiled multiple times, which is more than I can say for the usual games I play (cod & GT7, which do invoke a little bit of edge of the seat excitement, but not as fun as astro)

isarai7h ago

Im excited to buy this, just a simple fun platformer. Japan/Asobi is such an underutilized team, i hope this changes that cause they've honestly produced some of the funnest platformers outside the Mario series imo. I still replay puppeteer from time to time

jznrpg5h ago

I was thinking about Astro Bot and games they made sort of like it in the past and it reminded me of Puppeteer.

It came out at the very end of the PS3 generation so it didn’t get much attention as PS4 was right there. They really should remaster that game for PS5 it was a lot of fun.


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