Final Fantasy XIV Confirmed For PS5

From PSU: "It looks like that Final Fantasy XIV may have been just been leaked. A Final Fantasy XIV fan gathering is apparently taking place in London and one of the attendees, a group going by the name of Final Fantasy UK Fans, has just now tweeted that director Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that Final Fantasy XIV will be set to arrive on PS5."

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goldwyncq791d ago

I read FFXVI and my heat skipped a beat.

jairusmonillas791d ago

PS5 is backwards compatible with PS4 anyways so this isn't really a surprise most ps4 games will be playable on ps5.

yoshatabi791d ago (Edited 791d ago )

I'm an idiot nvm

Exvalos791d ago

Hmmm so if you already bought the game and expansion, do you automatically get some sort of graphic and framerates enhancement or do you have to buy the game all over again????

Brave_Losers_Unite791d ago

You prbablu do get the PS5 version free
Would be dumb to charge you twice especially since its suscription based

Evilryusam791d ago

only thing you can expect is higher frame rate at a higher resolution at best, even on the pc version the game doesn't look a whole lot prettier w/out using mods like reshade and what not.