Age of Empires 4 console release hasn't been ruled out

Stevivor -- "While Microsoft is focused on PC development, it hasn't ruled out an Age of Empires 4 console release on Xbox One or Project Scarlett.

'Once we have our wonderful PC game, then we’ll start looking at other ways that we can show up,' Microsoft's Adam Isgreen said"

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VenomUK259d ago

If third-party game Civilisation VI can work on console then surely Microsoft can bring their own franchise Age of Empires to console. I don't have a PC so this being released on Xbox One would be fantastic and it would broaden out the range of game genres available on Game Pass.

Obscure_Observer259d ago

RTS fan here. I can´t wait to play AoE on consoles. Xbox Game Studios has become the greatest first party game plublisher for both RPG and RTS games!

We´re in for a threat! :)

Razmiran258d ago

Not the same since CIV is turn based, but there have been RTS games on console and while not ideal they work

Smokehouse259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

Nice. Would buy it on xbone

BadElf258d ago

Good to hear! Im not a lunatic

TheColbertinator258d ago

I hope the series gets new fans as a result.

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